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It's extremely, dangerous all, these pilots are Specially trained with night vision goggles this is something that takes above and beyond just the normal pilot the fire that started yesterday has already damaged some structures bomber. Reto says much of the thick dry brushing this area of the Cleveland. National forest hasn't burned since one thousand nine. Hundred injured beautiful canyon Corbin Carson KFI news irony reading that destroyed at, least one thousand eighty homes is forty seven percent contained since July twenty third that. Fires burned more than one, hundred sixty four thousand acres seven people including two firefighters have died now one of the firefighters Jeremy stoke I've got. Information up on my Twitter feed also on the wakeup call KFI Facebook, page there's a gofundme, that has been set up for his. Family so, if you want go. To my Twitter page at. JJ l., KFI or at wakeup call KFI you can get the information if you would like to donate to his family the fire. That shut down your seventy national park has grown to more than ninety one thousand acres. It's thirty eight. Percent contained that fire crossed into part of Yosemite last week in before then it was. Forced enclosures because of Air pollution almost all of Yosemite is closed. Till further notice when's the last time you heard that Cal fire's responded to, President Trump's tweet claiming regulators are trying to tie up water resources that could out. Fight the fires. Cal fire. Says we have plenty of water to fight the fires and the current weather, is causing more severe and destructive fires Well, the man accused of fatally shooting Long Beach fire captain Dave Rosa has died in jail the. Elderly man had been in jail at the county USC med center for a pre existing health issue he was, charged with capital murder for allegedly setting off an explosion. At a retirement home in June, then shooting at the responding firefighters we'll Transportation Safety officials say video. Will be part of the investigation into that fatal plane crash, near John Wayne airport one. Dash camera video shows the small plane in a near. Freefall before it crashed into a parking lot investigators, say an engine failure alone probably didn't cause the crash the NTSB's Jack van over says investigators have. A lot to review over. The next couple, of months we're going to be gathering. Information that pertains to the pilot the airplane. And. The environment the crash Sunday afternoon killed all five people on board the pilot had reported at emergency before the crash Andrew mollenbeck KFI in the man who was. Hit by metro, train after passing out on the tracks his sued, l. a. metro the man says he fell off a go Goldline platform this spring and got knocked out hitting his head eleven minutes later a. Train hit him forcing a double leg amputation the man's lawyer says in modern times people. Shouldn't, go unnoticed on the track for more than ten, minutes. When we come back we'll talk. With ABC's Arlette signs now that the US has restored some sanctions that had been lifted under the two. Thousand fifteen nuclear deal on Iran will find out exactly what those sanctions entail and what is Iran's, reaction only.

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