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They're talking about luke rocco's date with destiny against anthony smith and potentially john jones date with destiny attended like the show years on a few years ago florida am a yawn yeah there's no mean feat like i mean look at look at some of the winds he has they're like i mean he's gonna go to war would you will never forget that reminds you have a jimmy manoa in in india has a duty ethic of the rematch nobody wants to see a after strip crop first flight just total am you know one eighty on absolutely fantastic book favor look favor the rock hold here but i do feel like that the usa audience i ridi overlooking yawn complete coarser and he he can gain so much row in here on of course they're gonna be in tennessee rocco's whether to reality is you know the big boy homerun off that lost it you'll romero a nasty la flicking it's gonna be interesting to see if lucan ridi translate anything over against a big powerful golly m in black of it could be an issue for i'm here in terms of the us and i'm not really sure why white is gonna go down and i think i'm gonna go rock hold i think rocco's rini might have a chip on his shoulder the head of this one some duprey lost two of his last three outings or no with a hundred and eighty four foot rocco mine is being you know since he lost a world title tasr and on the edge team will be kevin rocco sometimes there's a lack of consistency unreal maybe we'll and maybe they gave me saucy were told me last week yes where's this had asked you this lot like yeah yeah well we're gonna we're gonna fire me sparky needs and it's a really interesting fucking yeah listen i wouldn't really blog about split defensively rock lobster weather though annulled allowing the biggest fight of his lawyers today against gilbert melendez right for another cage warriors veterans who made his way and been very successful she'll be fifty but he's only twenty three years voiding all enforcement on ios britain's i love watching this guy for the loss of his demeanor the way he carries self the way he bonds may only that it's brilliant on am i really think this guy is getting m a gale melendez at the right time it's a musical room for gale and is it is lost one loss jesus five of his last six uscb fights obviously against very high level opposition 'cause we remember gayle king rob probably more firm the strike force days then we do obviously you fc ten year where he's just been absolutely am you know marvelous and strike force but i think it's it's damn house bar offer him in here now and i think this is the big name that's gonna really propel arlen are the arnold allan you're not very good over his name on terrible his name into an upper echelon yeah that's what i feel i feel like it's the win that's gonna really pushing out there you know and i looked at him just got a few more fights in on on you know year ago we're up to a three fights and it just seemed like he doesn't like me once he is is that correct and injuries and stuff like that but just a little bit more consistency you gotta be more active but what what a what a fighter modern silence you know jack management another cage or is veteran a is up against edmonds you boys and on the freelance at edmond you know he blasted through a couple of guys i think he was on dana white shoes and this is the guy that has basically he's they're reinventing the glendale freeway called name basically what performances and he's be had darren stewart he's be charles bird and usc's over am and he beat 'antonio jones dana was using dependencies monies that she taking on we'll flurry next week antonio jones and bela tor in taco bell boy damn jack ma ashman m against edmund jack probably most last week must have been against john phillips in his i am well that's that's a toll forty four jack ma it's twelve forty four edmund as well because jack's gonna be able to challenge when areas is that maybe other goes cutting right yeah and i.

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