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McKeon also produce in Darwin's ugh the deal can knock out an update he'll be buying about twenty seven minutes a lot to talk about in the final two hours will continue with our wonderful back and forth conversation with the Wall Street journal bomb shell report from yesterday with more on the Astros cheating and an algorithm and code breaker and dark arts and how dirty in CD and ugly it is and how Major League Baseball just gave immunity to the players and this is going to go away because of the off season and now I will get to the red Sox before spring training if anything happens to browse skews gone core is gone no red Sox players will be punished no Astros players are punished because you can't knock out two of your top five franchises in Houston in Boston he just can't so front office people don't go managers can go and then the baseball code for those players what's a guy like Carlos Beltran who can't even manage because he's connected to the Astros their era but he doesn't get immunity because he's not a current player Dr Manfred trying to be slick while he's balancing what is the long term sustainability of Major League Baseball think about I mean they're tested robots in the minors runners on second in extra innings trying to restart a new baseball generation so he can just blow up the Astros of the red Sox he has to protect the credibility of the game so a manager in a GM both go then AJ hence that interview was just brutal anything anybody connected this is you know once bought a war so what do you do as more comes out does that does baseball know everything yeah they give us everything it seems they then especially when you read the Wall Street journal report so what's the future I I th I believe now who when you look at the Astros using cheating but what's interesting is that when the red Sox are slapped on the wrist were relying on you know signals on an apple watch in the dugout or somebody was sitting there there was no news coverage of it there is nothing and even now the red Sox in a waiting for what will come down no one that no players are going to be punished war what do you have you have core gone and you have the browse ski one I doubt that has anything to do with sign stay on it has to do with trade away everybody and spent a lot of money and you kind of hit the wall red Sox fans one more rankings so I'm asking you if you're Jim crane the owner of the Astros and has said this and again I don't know what my lawyers at sit down and say okay players have immunity from the in suspended but what if I just released any player and and showed him the door and sacrifice to season and it might be more in the season if you got rid of your hello three top players at say you you might sacrifice three to five years so now you get into money get in the suite to get in the scene to get in the TV deals in doing the right thing is a lost art in sports for the most part it is but I'm asking you what would you do if you're the Astros owner rob Manfred your hands are tied because you can't blow up the red Sox and the Astros I mean if you were talking about name the five best franchises in baseball right now Dodgers Yankees Astros red Sox and I'm just talking about money canal cubs probably what what you probably go there right I think you would most people so that's two of your top five demand for is worried about a new TV money here you have a very successful franchises and you have people not drawing flies or spend any money your your Manfredonia talking about split the season between Montreal in Tampa Bay what's that thinking this call be in desperate in trying to bring the Canadian audience in because you would like to see so more growth in baseball that international cities are clamoring for your product the TV ratings aren't what are necessary to get make a billion dollar deals so now you have a cheating scandal what's your mode of operation we're just going to get rid of the manager in the GM and a five million dollar fine in some draft picks are gonna be taken away and the players all get immunity because at the end of the day people are buying tickets in Houston or Boston for the browse gear Cora before AJ Hinch or Jeff Luna they're buying tickets to watch the stars money wins here the space was trying to figure out what its future is electronic strike zone Rowbottom players runners on second we speeded up we need to speed up if we speeded up it's going to be better for T. V. faster game the young people watch no because if you speed it up and change it too much you're gonna lose the traditional thing on the baseball purist then you're dead in the water if you look at the other sports and you see friends sports growing okay in you look at soccer or hello is hockey growing you know if you if you look at that you might say okay they're in the game now MLB said that they had fan growth T. V. digital viewership no baseball and softball a combined attendance of nearly a hundred ten million fans across Major League Baseball and minor league baseball but they were talking about contracted with the minor league cities nearly a Mrs again with the study you SSRIs lugar's transports for research nearly one hundred seventy million people twelve or older call themselves MLB fans today more now than at any point in the past twenty five years Hey when we talk about the international growth tenants were the first ones there isn't any eggs a red Sox was almost sixty.

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