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All these teams with younger quarterbacks. They don't want him challenging. The young guys, but you would have thought new. England would have wanted through competition for stood in a so far. They don't which again. They've seen much more of him than any of us, so you know if there's something there, they know it that said Cynthia. He's not walking into the best situation, so let's talk about that I mean. What do you think of the skill, group. I don't know what to think. Julia elements good and I know slot like I, told you. Middle of the field is where first downs happened, so you've got a great Julian great like you got that? That is a better a big leg up in many many ways I did like the Muhammed's new sign and I. Do I I? Think Mikhael Harry will grow and and be better and I I'm believing that Sony Michelle's I. I believe he had a. he had I believe it's an ankle surgery, but I believe he's getting back healthier. So that's good, you know I. Do I think Damian Harris, who we haven't talked about 'cause you. You know these the third round pick in two thousand eighteen. He was out of Alabama. He was he wasn't. He was a much bigger stud like he was like a very good prospect. We didn't see much outcome last year so I'm interested to see what happens there. Interview is James White so I do think there are some interesting upside there I'm not sure how it all plays out. the the receiver situation, I would feel better if you know like I like Mohammed new a lot, but if Julian your strongest receiver and Nick Harry on a it seems a little, it seems suspect you know. I don't I. Don't know how. I'm assuming they've worked well together. Who knows but I don't know what I've seen him flake. I've seen some good stuff with him for McLean pocket back in his college days in his Baylor in an armored both, and he had some good clear and clean pockets by the best way to approximate like what your best potential. So, so I've I've seen good stuff out of that from college. And then like you said that preseason was like very vanilla, it did it told me absolutely nothing about him. But you know, and and so it's hard, and then like what you got Brian Hoyer, which sure Brian Hoyer does add they love. Brian were. They brought him back a billion times now right so. It just seems like a strange. It seems like a strange quarterback room. I guess that's the the third quarterback in there in my. Best my now just Brian, Lewinsky, who another Michigan State quarterback! I watched I'm from East Lansing. That's not. That's a scary. Scary crossed not. Not Agree not. Agree Yeah. Continued be puzzled by the lack of competition in that room. Using it is both not a alluring group, but also probably going to be better than last year, and we talked about Brady and how much he was hampered by his skill players just because Mohammed to do is not as bad as last year. I'll start that. He's been a consistently good player. Boast of his career. He was obviously banged up. So there's that I. Think Mikhail, Harry will. He should take a step forward if he doesn't. He's a bust right, but. EXO He's got. He's got to step David. How patients for that? I I'm glad you mentioned Damian Harris Coaches. I am pretty dubious of Sony Michelle personally. The advanced metrics are not super positive on him and that kind of checks out with the test in my opinion quite frankly. So yeah I think this offense is gonNA. Look a lot like the early two thousands, patriots offenses I think it's going to be uglier and heavier. I think you'll see you be a ton of play action I think. You're going to have him throwing the ball out of heavier sets a lot more. They rent ton of eleven last year. I think that will that will help you know. They also added those tight ends in the draft. I'M NOT GONNA. Pretend like I have strong opinions about them right now and then signed. Danny detail third round picks. Yeah, I think my dice. The and they signed. Did Danny Vitale I never as name vitality vitality. The fullback Yup he went to. He went to north, and that's the only reason I know who he is. He's a chunk so. That was obviously a major missing piece last year by the way with James Devlin. So yeah, I think. This is a team led by the defense that's hoping for upside from stood him so let's talk about that defense because. That's the fun. Part of this team are totally if I was a page eighth. Optimistic Party, so if I'm a patriots fan obviously or you already know you already know that Stefan. Gilmore is the best corner in the League I. Mean it's. It's very hard to say someone's better than him. I can't find a metric that really support anything else, but the interesting part about what I like about their defense, and what I like tracking about thirty cents is how often they used three safety defensive sets, and I told you. You. The middle of that field is really the place where first downs and touchdowns are earned, and the reason why the the pats have the second yards per play attempts attempted on their defense, second best rate second to the jets like, but there's more balanced its second put in.

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