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Chris jericho interesting. Awa world champion. Kenya mega world. Tag team champions. The young bucks women's world champion. Dr britt baker dmv ntsb champion bureau. Pass awa champion. It's cutting out his darby. Neither rose and she that were also featured along with the popular eight current and future rising stars. So there you go. They'll be available at hobby shops nationwide and they're also b. e. packs so congrats so yea go check that out with chance and time for this week's addition next to run down. Do you just want to start with the big thing where you want to go through everything. Let's just start with a big thing. All right let's go to the big. The big thing was love air earlier. Johnny gargano and dexter lewis anco. This is a really really entertaining match. I really like this. This is the payoff to the whole index story to this point And this all got set up. Because johnny candice would not give dextra chancellor enemies like all right fine if he wins. You have to give him a chance if you win. I'll never speak to him again. That's how this got set up this month month months and months and months of next where they're flirting and it's like a slow burn fit. Come to life. I love and so Johnny and dexter had a really good match. The cameras come out. We had any come out. And he's in for her man. She's trying to help him suspected earlier. Tonight the subtext with the characters in the paintings and there's one of him holding in the with the words index on it and magically. It became a shirt fell now. Wwe shop dot com and also props the him in for drawing on music stand they that would be the best service drawn. But but you know here we are. It's a good prop But yeah so like. They're wrestling at one. Point gets knocked off the ring apron by dexter ever gently so soft like he was being so ungodly careful with her. It was dora bowl like it was so sweet. Because it's like you know the person behind the characters like okay. Okay okay okay okay. No hitter hitter. Don't hinder that hard hitter. That hard. don't hinder that hard folk okay. It's fine like it was so precious that he just took all care of her in the joint. Dexter under the authoring can pull out volta both out. And it's like oh crap and there's also johnny yelling at beth of the announce table. Oh my god. I forgot about that. He's like this is your fault. You encourage this. This is all your phone bets. Like she wants what she want like. I'm being good at. And i'm encouraging my girl here pretty much. That's exactly what was going on. Yeah way just sitting there the whole time like fucking spare may just fucking spare me the whole time. It was just and on twitter. It was just amazing. Because he's like. God get me out of here please. But i love her early her and then the johnny got the win and he's heartbroken she she. They collect her in there. Taking the rap she keeps looking up. Look at over shoulder. Dexter in the ring. And i'm sitting here and i'm like go back and kiss him go back and kissing. Do it she. She was screaming the entire time as was happening. Go back to go back to the rank. Kissel go back to do it do it now or never do it because you know if you watch enough rom coms. This is how this goes and sure enough. Our girl about-face she hauls aspect of a ring. She jumps through the ropes. She jumps on top of dexter. So the weather's recap goes. She gave him a press of love accurate or entirely accurate. Just mounted him she did. She absolutely just mounted him. She jumped on top of him and then they proceeded to just suck face as a show. Close beth went indexes here and nothing can stand in their way. So you know is the scene of the way we don't know and johnny canvas are looking on completely horrified as any good parenthood. But yeah austin very also was nowhere to be seen so I'm i'm guessing. This is possibly the end of the way or way as we know it away as we know it like will they adopt dexter. Will they come around to him. We'll have to see but yet this was. This is perfect. Actually kind of can't wait for next week with this c- were other things that happened on the show and they went on a lunch day and try to become friends and they're not friends. Is it wrong. I found this just a little disrespectful like they went and got sushi And they basically had you the order it and so ill or orders all the stuff right and zoe has supposedly no idea what it is until she's being delight she's trying everything. But then she spitting it out in a napkin when eo isn't looking. And she's dropping the napkins on the floor and then there's one where there's a squid and she actually checks squid over her shoulder and throws it into like their display and it falls on the floor as like well. That's really kind of disrespectful. Like i get and the whole basis of it was. She didn't understand the menu. She didn't understand what was going on. it's like okay. You're on what you download. Google translate onto your phone and you could just translate it like we have the technology. It's a thing. Technology doesn't exist so like and then you'll or with bill at the end but yeah it's just like this. I just i don't know i didn't like the segment..

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