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I don't do that anymore really. But that is something that sometimes women aggressive women due to express it. They like someone? Yeah. How come? How come. It's so about aggression. Maybe I betting it my God. All right. Because she's not letting out any juice urine. Okay. So but so that's that's a that's like a known way of p aggressive women expressing attraction so, and you. I'm sure the woman who is no. You have seen this happen before. Right? I'm sure you've seen this in the wild. A woman who's aggressive, has a crush on a man and he's aggressive with your her. So maybe you're thinking that that's what's happening here with you with him to and you. But from heme perspective, she just likes bullying you because she perceives you as weak. And she thinks a momma's boy, I have one of two responses to beta boys one right. I was I was polite on Oscar beta boy out of all the all the all comedy pushes you've had on the show. I'm the beta Boeing, yeah, ridiculous. Doing rain room. What are you doing. Eight. What defines the beta position? They keep fucking pushing you keep coming back for more that I keep coming. Well, I enjoy the comedy. I think you guys are very funny. I find you very entertaining creative. Maybe that's why I give you the license to go as far as I know, and it's super fun. So that's so that's one responses to fund response shoe. Right? One is just I'm just gonna, fuck, ignore you. And that's it. I don't wanna even way what see now I'm even further confuses you mean as a podcast or as a sexual as a beta boy as a beta? Boy, I still I still feel like the judgment is out as to whether or not I'm a beta boy. So if you could stop referring to me officially as a beta, boy, I'm not saying that I couldn't be defined at that at some point. However, the facts alpha. The yourself is? No, I'm in. I'm somewhere in the middle, but I don't think I'm a beta for sure. Definitely not a dirty word. No, it sounds like a positive. Yeah, you're right. No, with especially with the way him those saying it and also the way it's been referred to as a beta bitch, I feel like that takes some of whatever positively might be in the beta title away to a significant degree. I don't think it's necessarily a positive. No, I don't think I've ever heard it referred to necessarily as a positive or something. I think there are positives. I think that in a relationship is again a yank and sure, and so- beta doesn't mean that I push you all the time. That's just me, but you know, it could be a good complement, ten alpha. I've yet to hear it sound as a complement compliment as a complementary pair. I generally date more beta men because I am pretty alpha in my. And everything about her personality, and I compliment was somebody who has none of these none of these traits. And yet when as a negative trade, I like more subdued people because if there was two of me in a room than everyone would be dead, so I will take charge and live life and then I'll have a bitch with me. No, no, because beta can still take charge and live bait. I think I view as someone who does not have to trick definitely start as negative because alpha used to be the standard like the gold star of masculinity back when and I think it's toxic masculinity is is what we're referring to. My man has to be the breadwinner and jacked in get so many bit. Like I think I don't work out and I don't pay for shit. Yeah. Does that make you a beta. Yeah, I, I mean, Keats Keith flipflops Keith kief thirty define yourself as alpha beta seeing is apparently those are the only two options. So for one to you never know where I'm coming from. I think the way I feel about myself at times. Yeah, I didn't keep this usually the alpha in the room, but in relationships, you take the beta position because you you don't want to on certain things. Yeah, and not in a bad way in in the way that..

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