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To the shooting he is in serious condition investigators later found the body of another man near the railroad tracks several blocks away police say he was shot at close range and the homicide is related to the other shooting an hours long search of downtown Paso Robles ended without an arrest only go to the money watcher Jason Brooks a mixed finish for stocks Wall Street has been hit with profit takers the past two sessions but tech stocks led the nasdaq to its third straight record high getting help from Tesla which saw its stock top one thousand dollars for the first time no major policy changes following the conclusion of the two day federal reserve meeting but the fed expects interest rates to stay near zero through twenty twenty two the nasdaq rose sixty six points closing above ten thousand for the first time to ten thousand twenty the Dow dropped two hundred eighty two points to twenty six thousand nine hundred ninety and the S. and P. fell seventeen points to thirty one ninety the international air transport association is forecasting that global airline losses will total a record eighty four billion dollars in twenty twenty and anticipates another sixteen billion in losses in twenty twenty one during the Great Recession airlines lost thirty one billion dollars on the money watch Jason Brooks KCBS made chock now meet trucks personal information hello made up of things like account log ins bank info and check social security number whenever chop shops banks and browses online his info travels all over the world blooms you.

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