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And speaking of the slippery slope. We spoke last time. About. Let's see here yet the social media accounts. Little update on that story. The democrat Senator Kevin Parker who represents book Brooklyn, New York is wanting the social media accounts to be monitored in in investigated before you're able to purchase a firearm. A little update on that a Senator Kevin Parker was recently into a Twitter conversation with someone where he encouraged them to go kill themselves. He disagreed with whatever they were discussing, and he suggested that this GOP supporter go kill themself. So right, then. And there if Mr. Parker's social media investigations were in place, I'm pretty sure that would probably classify some sort of hate speech or or bullying cyberbullying or something that he would not be able to purchase a firearm. According to. His own suggested Bill. To look over your social media accounts. So, you know, Mr. Parker, you might want to practice what you preach there. And maybe you don't need to encourage people to kill himself. That's a very serious situation where you'd make light of it in the conversation on Twitter is probably probably not the smartest thing. But what else do we expect from a democrat from Brooklyn? Next..

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