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Which would debunk a lot of her previous stories? Like the Toco fire fire and stuff like that. I mean these people died in the in the lake and the ghost somehow got up there right. They came from the person so they had to go through the lake. So but that's a belief that there was I believe this is founded in superstition. And I believe that it was superstition superstition. They've they heard that someone had died in the house so they did that just for superstition and because of that superstition because of that pitcher of water it than it made everybody see or think that they saw something or expect to see something and when anything happens it could to be The lighting's really bad. We were one of the first cities to have lights Electric Lights in You know we. We did that in eighteen ninety three so this eighteen eighty nine when Jane addams moved in there there was not electricity in there and there probably wasn't for many many years. So this is all being lit by candlelight in oil lamps guests leading gas lighting as a precursor. Yeah so it could be gas. It could be guess could be. I mean you guys are laughing but the idea is that it could be something else and the the idea of ghost is that you have to prove that there is ghost. I don't have to prove that there isn't ghost burden of proof. The burden of proof lies upon on the supernatural. Not on natural. Okay well I get are proof. Is that many people reported similar things over the years I will also state I again. found this. I had her. I read this in that. I forgot about it. Mrs Bowen who saw ghost also claimed that three separate occasions she had to put out fires. Upstairs is that started for no known origins. Singed nothing and would just go out by themselves. No known origin except for Oil Gas or candle. Hello anything like so. The Jane eventually just turned this into a storage room and addressing the theatre later on you know I just think too. Many people were complaining leaning. I just think here's the thing we do have a lot of people that Supposedly saw this but there were a lot of people over the years that lived at whole house a lot more than just five or six people so to say that a lot of people if you put it into perspective this was in a normal house. That would be a lot of people because it would. It'd be most people saw it in this particular thing we're talking about a very small percentage of people that would have seen this ghost. Well I actually. I don't know that I mean that's that's just what I found. I don't necessarily know how many people I got to read the book. I believe it starts from superstition and it carries through from that in any little thing thing that happens would be attributed to this and they all have heard the stories of the person before I have another thought but I'm a save it for save for federal arguments. Okay okay save it all right. Geez all right okay. So then Another thing that we heard about on our tour and I didn't find a whole lot about this. I'm going to be honest. This'll will be short There's the fountain girls. There's a small Park with a fountain that's just outside of the house. Where supposedly the girls Sorry the spirits of the three girls play you can hear their laughter and feel a cool breeze when they run by you. Apparently they used to play chase around the fountain and continue playing it to this day. I again I only found a couple of references to this but I do remember them talking about it. I have a picture of the Fountain area. that I took on the tour I don't know do you remember hearing anything about this or Mondo or no. I don't feel anything when you were there. Anything happened. NOPE and I walked around it. I walked around the house. Basically you could go all the way around it. But I didn't get any sense or feel for anything in orbs or anything. Not We know how much you liked the ORB so not. They're not they're no well. It's tricky because you we couldn't go in the house so like I have pictures and and they look like there's things in them but there's not because it's going you could only look through a window so I can't say that there's anything in there from my pictures but there's other pictures okay. Then I'll put on the thing. Is there any pictures of the three girls now. Not that I could any video three girls that I can find. It just seems Kinda suspicious. Their van right. There's all these stories about the three girls that play at the fountain right but we have no proof of the three girls that play at the fountain right now did you. You said you had a story about about phone girls or did you not want to tell the story with. Oh my God. You don't want me to tell that story but we don't have to sell the story that's fine you just you met some girls at once. We'll just leave it at that while under the influence. Yeah now I just remembered. We didn't do we WANNA do ra Ra rankings for the woman white and then we'll do the phone girls and then I've got one more women in in white. I'm going to give it a one. Okay woman away does a one four PAT For minded. You WANNA go next. You want me to go to sure. I'll see eh. I'll say a five because lots of people saw it and they put a you know an object there. You know the water to if I would mean that you have a lot of doubt still about about it so where where does your doubt come from this. What is your? What is your questioning? Okay I'm just asking I'll move it up then I have less dealt and more believe I'm not trying to influence your your number. I just want to know that your attempt to Syrupy more doubtful as.

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