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But I think that that's what he cares about is a big guaranteed contract. Marlin Mak has remained sidelined at the practice today. Mr. Wilkins running back for the colts. So looks like it looks like it's going to be Jordan Wilkins and Christopher Michael in one against Cincinnati. Would you rather start Adrian Peterson or Jordan Wilkins. Jordan, and let's throw Chris Carson in there. How would you rank those three, Chris? Carson Jordan Wilkins, Adrian Peterson, I would go. That's been. That's a really tough question. I'm going to go. I'm gonna go Wilkins Peterson Carson, and I think I would go Carson Wilkins Peterson. They're all bad. Tell you what I don't want that. I don't want to start any one of those guys. How excited are you Brooks that we're actually going to get to see things come to fruition this week, it's football, eve. It is football eve. We do have a Thursday night game, and you know what? Let's preview falcons take on the eagles. Oh, rematch. Is this an up-to-date line? Brooks? Are the eagles favored by two still? Yes. Get eagles a favor by two. It's a forty five and a half point over under the game is tomorrow night Thursday night and of some light rain. Thank you, Jason rock. Thank you so much. Let's start with the eagles side of the ball. Nick foles is getting the start. I was encouraged that JJ he's been practicing in full. He may be the one player you can kind of count on in this game on the eagles side false. Who's the other one? Zakar. That's true. Zakar it's going to end you though. Yes, yeah, because Nick foles over targets him. All right, Nick, foles are you can one hundred percent count on. He's going to be a great start. I'll Sean Jeffrey. No, Carson Wentz. Right. How do you feel about Corey Clement right now? Because I was trying to make a roster decision, so dismounting in the league record, I had to decide between two players to drop. I had Pat Mahomes on the bench because I just kind of wanted to have them there. Similarly till the Garoppolo situation, I dropped Mahomes for tyrod Taylor, good move. I could've dropped Corey Clement, no. Okay. So you're not worried about like I'm just worried that Conan's not going to have a big enough wrong choice off. He's, he certainly made not, but this is not a situation where you. Want to find out on Sunday watching the game. Oh crap. Corey Clement is heavily involved. He's the red zone guy. Corey Clement here is to me the exact same as might Gillislee except he's been with the team this off season. He is fair chance of that goal line back. He will get some work, but he's not the main guy. He's at home in, you know, a without an Ingram coming back. Right, right. Yeah. I mean, obviously on the on the season like Clement more for this week, you know, the matchup is better for Gillislee over Clement, but I think you can throw him in in the flex and hope for that touchdown, hope that he gets a little bit of passing work as well. What's your JJ though? I don't know. I'm much JJ talk from Jason. I am one hundred percent fine firing him up. He should be started in most leagues. And here's another thing we, we haven't really talked about weekly strategy, not just the fun, but there is legit strategy. G to playing guys on a Thursday night game. Now, historically speaking over the last few years, we've had a lot of Poupard Thursday night games once after the innovative opener because they got plenty of time to prepare for the NFL kickoff later week to week three week four, it's a short week, and so you get some down offenses, but you also get to see how your guys did. If you've got one or two or three players in that Thursday night game, now you can make adjustments going, okay. I'm off to a huge lead. I'm gonna play the safe guys or men. Those guys, you know, pooped the bed. I really need to swing for the fences here, so but JJ dancer question Mike. I, I would be surprised if I'm not starting him. You'd have to have really good running backs on your roster. What about the other side of the ball might? So Matt Ryan. I'm okay. Playing him the the eagles defense. I still don't really wanna mess around with them..

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