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Ought to the minutes, commodity prices and market analysis that sense this is the big Joe. Twelve, fifty five on the big show clock big. Thank you to the coalition to support Iowa's farmers are host today. For the big show we'll be on the road tomorrow we are kicking off our clean water Wednesdays here on the big show the subject will be clean water and how you can participate and how some other people are participating, and we're going to zero in on farm projects and also some large scale city projects and some projects that you can maybe change habit and. Undertake in your own home. How `Bout that? That's all coming up over the next couple of months as we focus in on clean water in Iowa start here it starts with you Andy. We have on the telephone line right now to wrap this up Paul Muss Mag. West Commodities Paul We have a USDA report. I WanNa ask you do you think the wind is gonNA come out of some of that report importance with what happened across a lot of the corn and bean bell yesterday. I don't think so I, I i. wish it would have a bigger impact than it did we went up four or five here this morning, and now we're about ready to close and we're going to close like unchanged maybe only a half higher so. Unfortunately it's not having a big impact right now, USDA will take take the cake tomorrow with their numbers. Now. This is all survey based, right? Paul. So it's a little different than in the past it survey farmer based survey, and then also satellite analysis from those folks. So it is quite a bit different in the past and really it's a it's a guessing game. Now through harvest on what that final yield will be. Interesting thing is gentleman. You know three months ago we were guessing was a at one hundred and fifty bushel crop. Potential or one ninety well now that range is much much tighter average guests right now is seventy eight, topside eighty, three, one, eighty, three. So we've only got five Bushel guests in both of those guests is from the low and the high side are very top into the range just add a tremendous amount of corn potentially a fifteen point one, fifteen, point two, billion, Bushel grab coming out of share this fall so that. That's a lot of pressure. Yeah wouldn't be the largest ever, but it'd be certainly up there. Yeah Let's talk a little livestock here Paul. We're seeing some strength in the cattle trade today and a little weakness pork lies the yeah you're right on one hand you're talking about six or ten year lows on corn depending on what you're looking at. But now you're looking at six month is in Seattle. So we've got a demand structure on on the meat side. That's pretty phenomenal. What we've seen in cash meet both in the beef and in the in the hog market really really good strength that's that's being driven by a weaker dollar and. Strong exports we need those to continue, but also a good demand here at home you know folks were running out of meat here three months ago on the shelves and they remember that. So there's still some places that are that are looking and Kinda running some just in time inventory. So we've got very very strong meet specials and good demands. So there's a there's a huge positive impact on the livestock side on what's happening now. How do we reach out to you directly full pay if you'd like to get a hold of US eight, six, six, we head we'd love to talk to you. Paul loosening West commodities are expert market analysts here today. How busy big show and all the final word your next shot at a thousand bucks alone. Rush Limbaugh..

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