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In the Newcastle area. And we have a new crash in Seattle. This is going to be on eighty fifth at dense mourn. It looks like all of our eastbound lanes are currently blocked. Our next coach Epoca Olympic four sunshine with highs in the mid to upper seventies today than those clouds move back into night. The lows will fall back to the mid fifties by morning clouds showers tomorrow, with highs near sixty more of the same thing on Saturday, then turning cloudy and warmer for Sunday with highs in the mid to upper seventies Memorial Day Monday. We'll see partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid to upper seven. Unease with the fog burned off, now, we are starting to warm up, sixty one degrees at coamo at eleven forty six. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle, supposedly twenty four hour news station, KOMO news, one thousand FM ninety seven seven Taylor van Cise at the editor's desk. I'm Bill O'neil in for Tom hutler. Some of the stories we're following right now nationwide gas is cheaper now than it was a year ago. Right. But that is not the case here in Washington state. We have the third highest prices in the country at three dollars and fifty four cents a gallon. Some people in king Thurston, and Wadham counties paying as much as four dollars a gallon right now. Prosecutors indicting Chicago banker for allegedly trying to exchange millions of dollars in loans for Trump administration position Newark. Prosecutors say former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, promise federal savings, Bank CEO, Stephen caulk a position in exchange for sixteen million dollars in home loans. Komo news time eleven forty seven. The American captured in Afghanistan with the Taliban after nine eleven has been released from federal prison, Indiana. Ryan burrow has more. Release comes seventeen years into a twenty year sentence for good behaviour. In two thousand two when he was sentenced John Walker Lynch told the court he made a mistake joining the Taliban, but Allison span, the daughter of Mike Spann CIA agent killed in Afghanistan hours after interviewing Walker Lindh thinks he still.

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