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And i'm like if we have a third of the perseverance and wonder that david moyes has shown when we fail because we all day then my god. I wished out. Call everybody in this. Green godspeed to him godspeed tool hamas friends. I love that suggest. The that taught amazing Law season amazing. This season doing all without jesse lynn. God who a lot of people felt without him maybe west time. We're gonna fullback tools the pack but so far love it. I love free free. Free jesse lingo god. Less dave is it time. Can we genders jimmy. Don't be don't be shy on the gem of your time for us to dive on and take the question as absolute rajko head. We are going to line them up. We're going to take him. Oh oh unpack it all in this. I mean this is. This is transfer window heated a market. Every dream is still possible hurricane. We're going to start come up on stage. Get you up if you have questions. We're going to start with the great mason toco where you calling from mason. Come on up on what she question eireann dave. Oh it's an honor to To make it onto the stage with both of you. I'm from portsmouth new hampshire walls you thank you my question is how do you think danny ings fits into the villafranca boys group whore too big hole to fill with grills grills probably probably a bit down much just like sitting on beanbags around the table table. Not quite know what to do with themselves and works. Hey won't have any. He easy lighting thoughts because he seems to be quite. You know we spend their danny ings. He's been around the block. he's not he's not. He's not interested in young boys kind of fully law. I don't think this is going to surprise anybody. But i've already talked quite a lot about. This is what danny ings played for the weekend. Another thinking how does he fit right in. And you could sort of say. He's kind of like the seventy s senior. The townie perhaps within the you know. I imagine frat houses around the country. There's a tally who they like. Who hangs out down at the local seven eleven or wall of the friend that he he. He knows how to get things done. No some of the wrong people in the right places. And i feel i insist that guy. He's so much harder than everybody else on that same. He's so much older than everybody else. On that team i think he brings a level of life experience to these young kids who are trying to reeling reeling from losing their lead grills. They probably need right now. Yeah five much working in just they all stare. There's a silence and the looks. Let's first things first new rules. I don't lie my thoughts on know. They're a little bit underage. Kids bayer.

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