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Wacky. Phoenix Jonah hill. Don't worry. He won't get far on foot. John you have thirty seconds about this. It's the new film from on San it's probably returned foam for him. It's very likable comedy drama about a real life cartoonists to John Callahan. Play by Phoenix who is an alcoholic who gets into a car crash, and it is left to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. And it's all about him recovering from that crash. But it was learning getting through L call it's almost twelve step program and cover from out Colosseum. And lending bit more by himself on his friends and family phones. One second to spare. Well done. And I point out as well, let if you haven't seen a lot of John carpenter's, great movies on the big screen and a lot of them are being released this weekend in cinemas across the country before coming out on Blu. Ryan four K all stuff among them have escape from New York. You've all seen nine lay live in the greatest longest fight scenes in history. New seen that got the fog fogs amazing. Everyone loves the fog, and my personal well, my favorite, but one I'm going to shout out prince darkness. If you haven't seen that I think it is carbon tres last great truly great movie. It is really weird, but very very good. So from our point of view, the posters of been designed by an as if no one illustrates, and he's really a new dimension to an freshen del still classic wipe Clayton. Those kind of things absolutely. Check them out check them out. And of course, the best film in cinemas still. We can all agree is, Jerry, Butler and hunter killer. We can all agree that and that is it for this week's empire podcast. Join us next week for more film related fun. We'll be joined by people forgotten. I should go there. My favorite. They're really good. Figures who have this Simon Pegg Nick frost. Together. Introduce until it was it was glorious until it a spacious occasion until we meet again. It is good by John Nugent. Goodbye goodbye from Helena. Nls. I've encountered. Molly Gibbs for this. A hat to know. I mean. Yeah. James isn't here. But you can catch him every Monday on the pilot podcast cutting up it out. Mark if he did. Come out. Yeah. Ooh. James? Get an ARCHE. Ooh, scary. Only you're about to leave. You can summon up. What is? Do you have a parting message for the listeners at home? What can I point has been lucky genuine family when I joined it was kind of fresh out some meeting working in the publishing industry, and what can with you guys? And sounds like I'm talking to you. It was really humbling experience to see people who have so passionate about what I do. They knew talking about of so much knowledge about film. I had to pick up quite faucets. Learn about film, and yeah, it's been nice to be with you guys. And I I'll miss out the most really kind of that the knowledge and the the Holly that you have full what you do the passionate is insane. I think they're going to live with anyone like empire Apart puff. from empire. So yeah, it's been a fun ride. I think is is I just keep supporting him pause much as you can Zayn designed for. Yeah. Just I guess just keep them in film supporting impose much cannon. Yeah. And enjoy enjoy film. Enjoy. All of this podcast. It before. But you're you're an amazing guy really talented, and it's very very, we're we're very very sad -sego because you've been tremendous part of the team for five and a half years, but go go. Yes. Yes. Free now. Wow. Beautiful. Sound like? Neil independent horizon sambas. Mrs. You're very kind to say. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Gibbs. And by for me, I am off to pick. Only gives up rap big bear hug an tournament side down shake him like that the thirty pieces of silver emerge. Was going somewhere else? On the bump show. Thanks for listening by.

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