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And said his name was joshua terry he gave his new room nights aback backstory for joshua one that was very similar to his own he ordered fico days for his new identity from silk road but those fico days were intercepted but customs and border protection and did i had passed them onto the homeland security office in san francisco now two agents from homeland security would knocking on russia's door ross froze when he saw the agents disorder could only made one thing but he managed to compose himself and open the door dhs agents asked him to step aside and roskam claude the agent showed him the fico days ross didn't utter arab would but he couldn't afford the fear on his face was shaking this was it is westfield a counter it was alive they demanded to say he's rely day ross handed at iva in the agents did some checks but nothing flagged the agents could see an notice he was and i told him to settle down that went going to arrest him ever few psycho days i just wanted information waited to get the old days from rustu wasn't sure what was happening but i trunk treat him did i know everything de agents tried to put humidity's again we done when a formal statement or anything he doesn't have to incriminate yourself just tell us in hop pathetic goals how we would go about getting some of as made up ross started to believe they had no idea who we really was he loosened up he told the agents that what pathetically anyone could go online to the dock web to a place called silk road and boy anything they want it the agents had no idea what silkroad loss they won on any of the toss forces they weren't trying to make a case against silk road will the dread poorer robots i just wanted to know about the on days the agents believed everything checked and dos ross for phone number in case they needed to get back in touch with him he said he didn't have one but he did give them the fight gain knowledge office frac though form at two mile dot com the sink francisco homeland security agents thank for us and left it at that for the time being rush shut.

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