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Had, they had to boy, had no defensive land on the field, all or linebackers and DBs preparing for the hook and ladder and all the gimmicks to try to make something happen. Create a miracle. It just wasn't to be. So right and so what the game. I thought it was very competitive and that called did not deter my women of watching the Super Bowl. It was it was a fun game, one for the ages, Jalen hurts, showed incredible character and class, like always, not only in the game, but in this postgame interviews, I'm excited to see what's next for him, and I think he's a bigger star on the other side of this. As I have heard in wrestling, it's sometimes it's not who goes over, but who gets over. I think Jalen hurts has a whole lot of fans today. Yeah, I do too. And he's going to get a lot of money. Yes. Yes, he's not ready to get his second contract, right? And then about the right timing? Yeah. Sounds like someone's going to get paid. I'm not going to get paid big time. And it's interesting too. He and mahomes are kind of the leading the way on what the new quarterback requirements, if the lack of a better term are, more athletic, they can run and so forth and so on. Hell, if mahomes wasn't so even though in this hobble state and him working through his ankle thing, you know, he was, he was very athletic. He made a couple of runs that saved their ass. So I think maybe that's where the draft is coming up in a few weeks. It'll be interesting to see how they lean to mobile quarterbacks. It's kind of like how will your quarterback Alabama, how will he do? He's a great quarterback. The bitch show him and she's small. Pretty much. He can't even be. Serviceable. Can he hold up? And I don't know the answer that he held up in the SEC. I guess pretty good indication. He's going to be okay, but he can throw, he can run. So I think that's the combination that people are going to be looking at going forward is running quarterbacks that are athletic and that can run. Well, we're going to be talking about somebody else who's athletic and probably did a little running in his day. The great Ricky the dragon steamboat. He was born Richard Henry blood senior on February 28th, 1953, so later this month, and we celebrating his 70th birthday. Wow. Prominent amateur wrestling career at a high school in Florida and maybe once upon a time, thought he might be a PE teacher, really focus on physical education. Somehow it doesn't work out. And the journey begins when his girlfriend at the time is the roommate of Verne gagne's daughter. Yeah, that's a break. Yeah, you think? Ganya had heard of Richard blood previously through Eddie Graham as blood had wrestled Eddie's son Mike Graham in their amateur days, you know, we just took a look at Vernon over on the YouTube. If you're not watching the video, it's grilling JR on YouTube dot com. Check it out. It's the best way to enjoy the show, but I wonder, you know, with the benefit of hindsight, as we sit here in 2023, I know once upon a time Verne got his flowers in respect and wrestling in a big way. But in this more modern quote unquote Internet age, I don't know that people really process what a big influence he was. I mean, Rick rude, Ric Flair, you know, helping make hulkamania. And we often talk about all the talent that came out of Minnesota. Those guys grew up on Verne's product. His imprint on the professional wrestling business is almost beyond compare, isn't that? Yeah, it is. We don't give burn enough credit. I think it's a time lapse thing. You know, a lot of younger fans are not interested in going back and studying history. And some are. And all should. You got to live and die with it, but it's good to know. And, you know, if you go back and do any kind of nickel and dime research, you'll see that those kids out of Robin steel high school were many and talented. You know, dark soul was won. He was held in athlete, last year. Kurt hennig, you know, there's just so many. The names go on and on and vern was a hell of a trainer. You know, he had that farm and he had trained him in his barn to think. And a lot of old school way that they were taught, hard nosed, demanding, so forth, so on. So, Vernon was just here's the head of time. You know, when I was in mid south, we got Rick Steiner from there. And he was a burn guy. And burn guy in as much as Vernon found a place for him to go to get more training and so he could work regularly, and that was at mid south. And he was pretty much a natural. You know, to be honest with you, Rick Steiner, it's not giving credit for the charisma that he had, and he has. So, but Byrne was he's big time, man. He was a big time dude, and I think a fans that appreciate history the smallest

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