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Colony legislature pass an official ban on christmas and anyone found celebrating it would be fined of five schillings but we're getting ahead of ourselves to slightly this goes back farther to a man named oliver cromwell yes yeah uh so there was a similar christmas ban in england during the rule of oliver cromwell a win parliament's was controlled by a puritan majority the appeared in parliament decided to meet christmas time a period of fasting and humiliation in prayer and prayer i s uh for all the sins of previous christmases unless his point out this oliver cromwell was no joke he was one of the signers of king charles the first death warrant which led to this admittedly brief english commonwealth uh and the ban that he imposed lasted nearly twenty years so for nearly two decades christmas carols were banned uh any kind of open a celebration of christmas was banned um and yet people held onto these traditions and had to kinda take it underground right but why did they hate christmas ban i thought this was a celebration of the birth of baby jesus well again they said there's no specific date assigned to it in the bible than their holy text so there's nothing to celebrate in their opinion and they saw it as just you know everybody using the holidays the excuse to create their own las vegas yeah but what's the origins of christmas ban we know that uh it was accused of being a to aligned with pagan traditions but where where does all they come from and how to december 25th become a thing oh man okay this is a this is a twist.

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