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Story. I've got. There's a, there's a fair hubbub going around right now about. An interview. Dan Houser gave to Harold Goldberg. The interview ram Sunday. I wanna say that sound right. I think it hit over the weekend. Sounds right. Couple three days. Maybe. Anyway, there is a there is a movement when Dan Houser essentially says, hey, yeah, we've been working hundred hour weeks getting this game done and given the current climate and discussion around labor practices in the game industry. This has not gone down. Well, surprisingly, yeah, they had to then issue a follow of statements, try to backpedal away from this and say like, oh, we just the writing team. That's how we love to work. Got that statement here if you want to hear it, but you pretty much summarized it. Likewise, we've other side of the coin. We've seen plenty of people coming out and telling stories of working in other studios or even rockstar that kind of line up with whatever story like this breaks. There's always a few people who are willing to come out in like, talk about it. Yeah, I saw some scuttle butt about some more stuff. Some references to kinda weeds in that vein about about rockstar, but they had been deleted. So I didn't see anything firsthand. Yeah, that's the story just keeps coming up over and over. You know, like from like, I pulled this off all on and they mentioned like naughty dog and CD project red have also kind of been in this hot seat right over the last year and Rockstars been in this position before. Tell-tale telltale is a huge one recently where people were pulling crazy hours suck. French still happens everywhere, and it's still bad everywhere. Not everyone like like more and more teams are at least acknowledging that it's not the ideal everywhere is maybe a broad brush right team to paint with, but it is very widespread. Like I guess I mean more the point. Like we mentioned that game tapes couple of weeks ago and mentioned EA spouse in the middle of that thing, right? Like that, that is an old enough event that it is tied into game tapes for looking at from right, twelve years ago. Exactly. And yet when was the rockstar spouse that was Nuwara wasn't it. I think that was read, did I. It's not hard to find. Yeah..

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