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There. We're talking with david thorpe of true hoop longtime player development coach and you know he just referenced last so and i just started laughing when he did it. Because i'm like you know you feel like ted lasts too good to be true and there's certain things about him that probably are but when i watched the show the first time i turn to my wife and i said this guy reminds me of two people in my life. I know a man named jim farrell Who's written some really cool books for the arbiter institute called the anatomy peace leadership and self deception and david thorpe. Oh if you were to mix those two guys together on this this is this is who i would. I would pick a special coaching style. The positivity the upbeat -ness of this the the carrying about individuals over necessarily winning It's all there with with coach. Thorpe i love the relentless enthusiasm and optimism. Here we've gone through our mock draft so far we've only gotten three picks through but i'll tell you what this would be draft night gold right now. What we just heard as real analysis on the draft got for david. He's got evan moby. Going one to detroit pistons. He's got scotty. Barnes going to the houston rockets kate cunningham going three. I have a kind of a little bit in reverse order with kate cunningham. Going one evan. Mobile going to. Scotty barnes going three but we do have the same top three which is pretty cool and some of the few people that have the same top three. I'll also point out john. Hollinger has that same top three. We'll all pretty deviate now all right toronto raptors or on the board. I know you know masai well. I know that you've known him really his entire career. And you know you you've been in each other's lives a lot. I've also got to know masai before he was really doing. Nba scouting Back when it was the africa one hundred camp back in the day. He's on the clock here for interesting spot for the raptors to be in because they're probably better than the fourth pick in the draft. You know typically a team right now so you know. What are you gonna do here. It looks like they're gonna lose. Kyle lowry in free agency. There's too many teams new orleans. Pelicans just made a trade today to clear enough cap space to make a huge huge offer. Kyle lowry and it looks like. That's that's the direction they're going. What do you do if your messiah for well in terms of philosophy. I think we all agree that you almost always have to look at the value of the pick. Know the way to win the nba. Is you wanna pay as a as a as a teen way less than what their real value is right. So lebron james is still at discount compared to what he returned. Same thing with with rookie in your two year. Three or four are much more valuable than what you're paying him right out of with box many others. So you gotta take a guy but you think has that high high level of value and so i think jalen greens a great pick for them. I also think. And i'm proud to say this. Yeah i i. I met masai when he was still playing overseas. And i think. I'm the first person to hire him when he first came here here. We says i am he. He trained players with me. He was draining. Kevin martin with me and honest and josh. Josh powell who played for the lakers years later. Whatever i was here for the summer. I my first pros were nigerian guides that he sent me who played in europe and so he and i go back since long. He had a gigantic kidding play. Cut back then. It's very different now. So i think he is really bought into player development. They invest a lot of time and resources. You're not talked a lot about it. I mean jalen. Green is absolutely lost as a player like almost every freshman is going to play freshman played. How many games. ten games. Wherever in the in the g. league bubble thirteen thirteen six hundred thirteen. I'll say this chad so this last couple of weeks. I've been really last week diving in. I'm watching international high level games internationally in turkish league. And you can get the league's. I've been looking at college basketball. The highest level of college basketball and the g. league showcase which i watched the show case very close i'd clients playing in it so i saw jalen and commingle play live in it for the ignite and it was garbage compared to what the international teams run which is high level tactics the college teams which i call high level but there are running something. The g. league team was give the body green. Get outta the way. Next guy up almost like the miami heat when wade and lebron. I teamed up your. Turn your turn your turn. Maybe pass. Maybe they won't. I feel badly for those guys and nothing against brian. shaw whatever. It did not work out well in terms of player development and give them the foundation so i think green is far away from helping you win games not being said ivan. He's got a. I think he's got a little bit quicker silo. He's quicker than zach. He did a spin move and got fouled. It was a single hidden scored. It was the single best highlight of saw of all. I watch fifteen seventeen guys. It was the best way he didn't score he just got fouled bottom full speed three sixty spin without breaking stride. That's very very almost impossible to do. He's a really special athlete with lanes. He's got scoring instincts. He doesn't know how to pass yet but he threw. He made some nice passes. There were very obvious to see. I thought but at least he made them. I think you need some work. I mean the raptors have a perfect environment for him and if he doesn't get the right environment chad i i worry about future as a great player. Most players need their franchise. The help we've seen that time. And again and i think the raptors in jalen greener perfect fit one of the things that i'll say that Had brian shaw sort of sell me on jalen green. And if you if you're a podcast listeners. You haven't listened to the podcast where i had brian shaw on the show breaking down the games of all the g. league players that are in the draft and hear him tell stories about about jalen green. It was it was clear that there was a drive-in jalen green the desire to get better the asking the questions the stain after the breakdown tapes wanting to be involved and understanding what they were doing why that really impressed coach shod. And you know he's trying to think the game and and to your point he's not there yet but if the efforts there and he's gonna put in the effort and not just rely on what is incredible athleticism but actually going to study the game and figure out how to get better disguise really the limit for him because he he's just so talented. I think you'll figure out how to defend. I think he'll figure it out how to get others involved better if he's really going to become a student of the game and that was one of the things that i think brian shell liked about him as well as the competitiveness. I went a little bit different way with toronto again. Controversial in took jalen sucks here. I know how much messiah loves toughness. I know how much aside loves the guy that is going to go and cut out your throat on the other end and of all the players that i watched this year there was something about the way that jalen slugs carried himself on the court. That just just wowed me As a basketball player in the you know the thing that was so interesting about him to me was he scored. We needed to score. He got others involved when that was what he needed to do. He always showed up on the defensive end. He would turn it up right at the right time when he needed to even though he was in a very very very talented gonzaga team where he was the freshman had very experienced players. All around him. I don't like to throw around winner. I think it's a cliche to throw around the quarterback stuff for the defensive back staff or you know all the.

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