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All what way gear from their systems by 2027 8 shouldn't be by 2027. It should be in 27 minutes. But hey, that's just me. I'm just one guy. So China is now going to sanction Cruz and Marco Rubio and representative Chris Smith. Because the United States notices that these Communists are a problem. How much of a problem Well. That brings us to two stories, one that we have discussed here before the State Department is warned Americans. In China of the risk of detention, so understand what happens. It's not that they don't allow you into the country. They allow you in. They don't allow you to leave. They hold you there. They don't let you get on the plane. They don't give you back your passport. You stay until they are done asking you questions and getting the answers they can utilize. As the State Department discusses that a prolonged or a risk, I should say of quote, prolonged interrogation and extended detention. U. S citizens may be detained without access to U. S consular services or information about their alleged crime, of course, the alleged crime because the Chinese Communist Party lies This is what they do all communist lie. You see this with Antifa? All Communists lie all the time and in every way, it's what they do. It's how they try to get their power. Everything about them is a lie. They need to be crushed. Because when you don't crush them, they actually think they conduce things. So this has been going on for a while. Where China does not allow people to leave. We already know what they've done to Hong Kong, putting the security office from Beijing in Hong Kong, cracking down on anybody who engages in dissent. No more free speech no more free thought in Hong Kong we watched it happen. This is why you're going to see the ban on Tic Tac and other APS. And the next step is going to be banning Chinese nationals from owning property in the United States and those who do own it are going to be forced to sell it at you know, some kind of rape. All right, maybe a little below market. But, hey, at least you're getting something. Am I right? You say to me, Tony, That is not very free market of you know, when it comes to Communists, I have no free marketing me whatsoever. They're Communists. They lie. They cheat and they steal. The stealing of intellectual property. The stealing of trade secrets. The answer is, Don't tell me I've got a constitution. I gotta treat you good. You are a thief and you are interested in the destruction of the West. And so I have to say Kiss off. Now I would rather have a relationship with China. He can't have a relationship with communists, and they have made it obvious. Take a look at Corona virus. Is anybody gonna question that This came from China and they lied about its origins. Is anybody really going to question? I don't believe it was man made. I don't believe it was engineered in a lab to kill Americans. But they have we're studying bats. They were engaged in this kind of neurology. It leaked. Are we still debating this or questioning this? And they didn't tell anybody. They lied purposely. Does anybody believe that the amount of cases in China's 83,000 Is there anybody out there? Really? Still that ignorant that believes that the cases in China only 83,000 they don't count cases. They don't tell us they lie again. This is who they are All Communists lie. If they admit to the number of cases that probably have in China, then the people know that the Communist Party doesn't have control and the last thing a communist to do is let people know that they don't have control so they lied to the people to keep control. I can't believe we have to still explain this, but you know what? Maybe we do. Maybe some people are just hearing this for the first time and just really starting to understand how this is how it works. So don't be dismissive. Love of people dont be dismissive of those who might not know what you know. About what China is. The Communist Party lies your neighbor is cool. The Communist Party lies and they have to be dealt with. This brings us to a story out of ice. Now, I will say to you, I have many, many issues with Vice Every now and then they get some very interesting reporting. The reporting here. With the headline. Chinese police are making threatening video calls to dissidents abroad. No answer. That's a thing. What's a threatening video call? Well, what's happening? Is that there are authorities in Beijing. Who are reaching out to Chinese people who live in other countries and saying You're not being nice to president G. You have to stop doing that on Social media. Tracking them down where they lived to say Stop tweeting. That's crazy. No, no, no, no, no, That's not just the half of it. What they're doing is they're having this conversation with the person who lives in this case. It was a story of a woman who lives in Australia. And while they're having the conversation, the Chinese authorities who are they sitting next to The woman's family. So the woman is now in Australia. Our family's still in China. The Chinese authorities sitting next to her family in China, saying, You have to stop doing this. And if you come back to China, you have to go directly to a police station. They're threatening the families and telling the people who live in other countries, the dissonance about it. Threatening him right in front of them. The whole story about how they kept people from defecting. From Russia from the USSR was what would happen to the family. How they keep people from defecting from North Korea is what they would do to the family. This is standard operating procedure, but now they're doing it on video. Unabashedly. We are past the point. Where we should be in any way working with China. I knows that Chuck sent me a tweet that I was actually going to get into. Obama and found she gave China money for covert research. There's a story that Fauci gave money to a laboratory in in China in Wuhan Ford some never Rollie virology research. I said at the time because we discussed the story. I have no problem with the United States helping with studies in other countries. I really and truly don't because you do it under the pretense that in this world of science the information then get shared and you get better results and you arm or effective in fighting diseases, and you're more effective in providing safety and security. That's true of other countries..

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