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A five Gary grower. I think the more you hear it the more that you will probably like it. Get old and start losing your hair. Can you tell me who will still care? Can you tell me who will still care? Lyrics by to music of Nickelback performing very well. Live at Sturgis. Six man. Chad Kroeger die think he's kind of a sad. I think he's kind of a D word. I don't know. Now, remember when Miranda Lambert through a drink in his face because he kept Gherman her. Where? Groupie and a germ German. It's a it's a big. People in the busies a lot. So he was being too talkative with her. I think just trying to hang out with her. And she was just like way from me. Do you think there's? Hamburg problem with people. Space. Multiple counts wanted her to do is shot with him, and she wasn't interested. She was just like dude go away. Donald. He might be a little aggressive in her response. When we come back you guys switching gears, okay? We hear from Corey Feldman.

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