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He did that. They wanted you to do that. I'm so many memes. All of those little it a memory gift I ever figure out this things. Now, the flip the flip the flipping dolphin. They're all. Today. Call them. Has a good. All right. Let's talk for a minute. Let's all for minute while I freak out over you. What is going on? You're like on fire. Quentin guarantee you rounds out is. Yeah. Brenda vaccaro. Listen, I'm old enough to ton the bit about her tampon commercial in the seventies like thousand times who knew Malani was gonna model or Christmas display after like it call it the tampon tree trellis. I didn't know. I missed that has issues with the have you seen the Christmas trees, I have no the red. They had made stale Kotecha's escort. Yes. You have somebody put the red Christmas trees, and then somebody put the little. Yeah. I know it's. Disturbance looks like the lobby from shining winter is coming. All right. So you're in the new Quentin Tarantino film with nobody just Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt Margot Robie Burt Reynolds Kurt Welker out now. Honestly, Kurt Russell Dakota fanning reproaching fresh page, Al Pacino, guess fresh IMDB page. Oh, okay. I it's Bruce Dern now. Ari Burt was Burt was an old pal. And he's up now at the great. Yes. No. I know. But so, but once about a time, this is fascinat- takes place L A nineteen sixty nine right? The height of the hippie Hollywood. So DiCaprio pit star is struggling actors right to Capri is a is an actor on a kind of a cowboy western in in the early sixties. And Brad Pitt is his stunt double. And I play a guy name I was originally called wink, Martindale, actually. And they they changed the name. I forget the guy's play. A TV interview that comes to interview them on the set and on the set of their other western did you have the tutelage of Dana bash on how to interview people? I did not actually I actually did a little research on my own. Homework. She she give me notes from time to time. Yeah. Our those notes. Excellent. Okay. All right. So Rick is very has a very famous next door neighbor. Sharon Tate, who's played by Margot Robbie. Right. Sounds fantastic. Oh, she looks amazing. She just finished it. I guess she just finished her thing. And then went right onto the the the thing that we're doing now, the Roseville, what's okay wrapped. Traffic last week last week. Like who is this year? Gonna fuck bitches. You're gonna know in a second because the tape is thing. Yeah. No. It's just the guy from the thing you're going to be in the new Jay Roach film about Roger Ailes playing Sean Hannity Gretchen Carlson courses laid by Nicole Kidman. You Allison Janney. John lithgow. Malcolm McDowell God raising. Yeah. Okay. So. No, wait, have you filmed this yet or finished last night actually shut it all week. Pitcher views. I did my stuff the wonderful great scenes with the the wonderful Toni Plotto who plays a Geraldo. And I literally walked up to I had met Charlene's there in a couple of times out of makeup who hasn't on the set who hasn't no not me. And but I hadn't seen her in full in full Megan Kelly gear, and I walked up to Jay Roach on the set the other day to give them a hug, and there was very attractive blondes next. And I gave j hug and I hear she says. Hello, hi. It's me. And I it was Shirley as Megan Kelly her it is extraordinarily how much she looks like her. I mean under up everybody's I mean Allison Janney is in it. Yeah. But she's she's a extraordinary in this film. Wow. Amazing. When when is it out? I can't wait. I think it'll be out probably in the summer. Okay. Wraps in December the end December. Twentieth. Syllabi at sometime, hopefully, what is the deal. It's like, you specialize political you Bob Woodward. Jason Reitman's Gary Hart election pick the front rally. Tom. It's terrific. Oh, it's a trip film. I play Tom DeLay delayed movie called casino Jack years ago. I seem to get picked as sort of like, you know, these political guys. Yeah. A lot of lot of pricks in suits. From the old. He liked Janine Pirro always sounded drunk, right? He was always like, Tom DeLay. Don't stand up to liver, liberalism, liberalism no-one. Wow. Wow. So what about gift certificate?.

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