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I thought the other is another one, but there's not so hurry into your dodge dealership and start your introduction to the brotherhood of muscle. Should I talk about adult job just as a segue? Yeah, I. Yeah. You got the best job and you get to spend spend the bosses money. Yeah, it's true. What did you guys get? So we rachi. I mean, this this year is almost a year that trucks. So she we've got, we just about drive Silverado the Chevy Silverado, which we own a Ford f. One fifty. And we just been out on bought a Iran, fifteen hundred. So we're going to put them all together in the not too, not too distant future. So the Silverado you haven't gotten into yet coy driving that in the next couple of weeks. Right? So the f. one fifty got a lot of time and you guys have that in the fleet? Yeah, and you got the new, the new ram, and we've got the new ram which we've just been out and be non purchase. So this is this is kind of this happens once every roughly seven years that we brand new full-sized trucks. The f one fifty s been around a little while now, but the rhyme in the Silverado. This is such a big deal for all of these brands. They invest a billion dollars in the Aren t they sell millions things a year. This is this is a huge moneymaker for all three of these companies for the big three because these are the most profitable cars in the lineup. Yeah, I actually just pulled some some sales because before I came here, this is year todate through to the end of June. So Ford f series, four hundred and fifty thousand us. Second Chevy Silverado just under three hundred thousand this the first half of the year just through the energy. And so this is the first six months of the year round pick up to injured and thirty three thousand. So it kind of makes you just how critical these vehicles on the big mulching vehicles. Full full are the makes loads of money and sells lows of iphone fifties, or it doesn't sell the foam. Fifty eight doesn't make any money. It's simplest, that's it. All the other cars are dressing pretty much it is like the whole. The whole thing is fueled on on these trucks. Tell me why you think the f. one fifty has been the most dominant and sales for so long. Do you think it's at this point now it's just a loyalty game or or do they do? They make a truck to make a better truck. It's a great truck and actually it does a, you know, they they do a good job with it. It's not just selling on on reputation if all these vocals with come on so far, when you think metrics where ten fifteen fifteen years ago and she took the ram home last night and spend some prototype, and it's it's so I mean, we spent sixty thousand dollars on this thing. It's it's a lot of truck and we were, we rush you. That's not the most expensive that's getting on that way. I mean, we will get one of the things we always play with us as a company's Dewey by the base model older. We by the biggest seller and more of what we do. But in this case, we wanted to try the gadget. So we got the big screen with all the capacity. We've got a lot of a lot of things to play because what we want to people is is worth. Worth paying the extra for the big screen. You get value, that kind of thing. I would even add get the one with all the gadgets on it because somebody might get a less expensive one with one or two of those gadgets, and you guys should be able to test and evaluate all the gadget. So if you tell somebody, hey, get the base model because you're a work truck but but somebody wanted with the WI fi or something so they can print invoices or do whatever that feature is you guys gotta have the one that with all the goodies on it because you can tell them, hey, we liked everything except for the why fire we liked everything except for whatever..

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