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Was a is a friend of mine and john rich hadn't uncanny big regine and it would she was on stage when all that happen her best friend actually took those video and and graciously made it available to us so we can show everybody what was an incredible moment just an hour before all those happened and she joins us now she's a a vegas resident and i can't stop watching it i just have to see it again and again yeah well you know why they're even provided because black mark on k alibi for black from the country now online and that back why i incredibly beautiful moment our god bless america were alquwain crack lacked irony and a it was an amazing it could thank moment greater innocent people part of that group would be gone down early moment later so it really intend to know that because watching it could be are like a perfect unifying mildmannered laughing so after all then happened both you and my buddy john ridge you a left the concert area you hear the shooting you hear what's going on and you guys got in a lockdown situation yourself tells want to happen well we you know we were barricaded and view on now basic raison barbeque we were told that there were very active shooter a threat we didn't know democratic power farc bitter confirmed react he'll lockout we'd wine crying for all of it from there quickly deported by keep in the bar barricaded in hoping why if you're not true or not hubert but are coming down a lot bigger threat it really gary greg going round primera offered me why not be on the back he couldn't get off or provide it wouldn't allow it right now what what's the night i didn't even know john owned a bar in vegas what's the night is it a country bar oh on on a country by my my blank might bow i had my career that's a that's where the that's one of the floor obama is on them on the florida alabama line down south but i'd so here which here is i guess what i'm asking is so then you got barricaded in and tell us what happened when i guess it was a an fbi offduty upi i guy came up to you guys run no democracy john but on.

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