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The founders bridge and i north exit thirteen accident is sitting on the shoulders on the on ramp from route seventeen to nine northsouth benches lays exit seventeen down through fourteen i'm city weightman with your traffic check on the talk of connecticut jio talk of fear that again's 25 minutes before the hour of 9 o'clock you know something i enjoy i really enjoy checking things out colored investigative reporter call it what you will a a dan i want to ask you something now is it true that you appeared on radio in florida not not true that i appeared on radio not not true that you about it on radio but did you appear on some media device it yes i do dead yes i did and it had to do with a comment that ned lamont made on face the state to dennis house on sunday and tristan yes and the palm beach post has now featured my tweet i actually wrote a story about a two in addition to a tweet the palm beach post at its on paul beach post dot com has featured by tweet in a story which appeared yesterday in the palm beach post headlined connecticut politician calls del rey boring now let me play he snags set this up for a repeat that those are the people that didn't hit it what what did he say we know what he said well i'm gonna play where to play 40 will play the saba for you but let me just set this up for you ned lamont who's running for governor appeared on face the state on sunday and during the course of the interview with the host dennis house dennis was mentioning how lamont or anybody who becomes governor is going to have to work hard in order to turn the state around because it all bunk other things you're competing against a florida which doesn't have a state income tax which doesn't have a property tax on motor vehicles which has less regulation has warmer weather and so when ned la motte when dennis house brought all of this up to nadal ahmad here is what ned lamont said but how do you compete with a stave the has warmer weather and no income tax look del rey on a.

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