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The crowd that is assembling for mardian mcgee at the stage so that we get in that head space so that were there and yeah i mean we could hear nanna lynn. What what what. What if somebody did like a mix remember in the ninety s when when people like me like a hit song from movie and they would put it out there totally do so tall of love upstream clips from the movie and area. Maybe what is your favorite springsteen song. What is your favorite song forgets. What is your favorite song. Errors tougher than the rest. Okay tougher than the rest is now. Oh it because he's not going to say steamers that that's a that's a personal thing for me. I love the mavericks version. One hundred dollars. Dues is insanity. But but but but what. If it's like i'm saying what if it's like you know our our our waylon song but didn't has like roosters nanna lynn and and coach. Oh and all that dropped into it. Like i guess a great call supromega martin mcghee mix so we gotta get somebody own net this week travis and trade and so right so we're going to do tougher than the rest not wanna play. That's damn rock and roll by eric church because you talk about getting it ready you talk about tuning it up. You talk about getting that dag on strap it up and get it on bob. Yup and then we play waylon and roosters and coach would have mercedes-benz man now. Several interesting my favorite all time. I don't know if this is kind of like. This is kinda like the question we always get about. What your walk-ups song. It's hard with izhar. But you know. I don't think you walk up song necessarily your favorite song of the long song. Get you fired up. So maybe there's maybe instead of Maybe instead of bruce these represented maybe a set of tougher than the rest. It som- Hundred to think about this. Is it like something from like sophie. B hawkins no then bruce but his. Harvard is like punch you in the face. Bruce like let's go like Badlands badlands. i'm ready to. I'll be ready to rip my pants. Don't don't think we we got. We got put garden kenyan era in there. You're walking out. You gonna pan in a balloon right before the show starts are. I'm gonna. i'm gonna send an email in as soon as we get done. Yeah i'm that's what we need to do. Though man turn on the speakers to the crowd. Because i i've talked. You have talked to the crowd before we know they can open the speakers to the crowd. And we are going to have. That's damn rock and roll badlands waylon. And maybe i'll see you know what travis what we need is we need a. We need the original mark mcghee theme. What was our buddies. Name billy Oh my gosh martyr yan mcgee. I can't believe i'm forgetting. What elliott sadler a four zero six. Today mario mogi even still exists in the system. After work is somewhere. I've got it. I think i've got it somewhere in my visit exists. We should probably have that. Because that's awesome. That's g. I mean that's the four of six from the from the dog toy in the imamas guitar. Down air to espn seven thirty. But there's nothing better than here. Nanon's voice on saturday morning. Oh yeah no no no my wife. Who watches her. Listen to this show and the other night. She had recorded shown. Dvr and she wasn't ready. It was her mom is she wasn't ready for it and All sudden aniline came over. The netherlands came over the surround sound in the basement. And i was like this my every sunday every sunday. It's molly okay. If the roosters growing me.

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