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Talking about. I just don't know that this is supported by any medical. Don't be silly. Don't be silly this way less noise this way less noise. There's no cars there no people chatting and talking. It's just you and your heart's very and admire also prevalent. So so that is your experience Of this Cova. That's what you're going to write in your diary. That's recorded in history. Happiness that the other half will be my underarm as man. I think I pretend like this is not making me nervous. I'm not fearful but by the end of the day of my shirts flee from my body. I am so stinky. What happens what's happening to you. Seem to be having some kind of ages breakdown of some guy when you're all about appearance. Yeah you know. And the appearance is not that far from the reality. You're fine but if you're if you're walking around growing odd isn't this great day in it's in the middle of the pandemic your body goes now. You break stink. She wants the happiest. I've seen in a while so so I'm happy that you're still happy is it. The idea I mean is it just like the idea of Ted Danson just falling apart in this way. Is that what you just the picture my head of Stinky Farting Ted? Danson just kills me. It's your best thing ever. They say it's your best work really added a lot to the to the overall. Yeah now I'm sweating. 'cause you're laughing so hard because I'm thinking about sweaty and now I'm sweating more. Yes I'm laughing a lot. I need to stop. I swear to God one thing I wanted to mention Ted is that I really try to keep my family and my kids away from the world that I'm in and what I do for a living but we went to our favorite Sushi restaurant once about Two years ago you came in and you hadn't been seated yet and you saw me. I thank and you came over and said Hi and my kids couldn't believe that I could know you and that you would come over to me and say hi and then you were very gracious to all of them and my stock instantly went up one hundred and twenty percent with both of my kids and I saw it happen. I saw them think. Wait a minute. We admire that man and that man seems to know you just like a nice. It was a really nice moment and then I had a bit of shame because the second part of this is that this is this shame immediately came afterwards. Which is this is one of those places where they pride themselves on. You've got to put your name on the list. And they really pride themselves which is good if a big deal comes by. They don't bump them ahead so we had gotten there much earlier. We had our seat. We were getting ready to leave. And I noticed that you and Mary were told. You gotta wait another hour and we had seats and I wanted to give you our seats and I said to the person at the restaurant. Can I give them our seats? They're like no you can't I and I said to this person but it's not right. I said Danson and their esteem. Burton's should not stand while Conan O'Brien six and the person was like I agree I e because everyone understood the pecking order and they were like yes. No we understand that it's wrong that Conan O'Brien sits and eats while at Ted Danson and stand but those are the rules. And then I just fell Chang. I remember I remember that well. We were both so shook up. We went home in at Rice cakes. And just kind of gave. I saw you give up. I thought you decide. We're not waiting an hour for the Sushi as it is. We're getting out of here and you flip. You did flip everyone off in the restaurant as you walk and and if I'M A in public and I'm really irritate. This was not that moment by the way you know what I was. GonNa go to more flatulence. I'm not I'm not going to go there. I will I will walk away. A more mature Matt backing of what we are going to say is that when a restaurant doesn't see Ted Danson. He turns farts loudly into the room. And no no. No that's rookie. I cropped dust all the way the at your way of saying I deserve better. You've treated an icon. I.

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