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Right here on WNYC in New York on Richard Hey good morning six twenty nine right now fifty three degrees some light rain fog and mist in New York City we do expect heavy rain today storms are moving up the coast showers and thunderstorms are possible some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall with a high near sixty seven degrees and we have a wind warning in effect winds could gust up to sixty miles per hour and again the chance of showers tonight mostly sunny tomorrow highs near fifty six degrees support for WNYC comes from Hulu presenting the original drama series Mrs America a story of the movement to ratify the equal rights amendment starring Cate Blanchett Mrs America premieres April fifteenth on FX on Hulu W. NYC independent journalism in the public interest ninety three point nine FM and AM eight twenty NPR news and The New York conversation live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly severe storms are moving through the southeastern US this morning a suspected tornado struck Georgia south of downtown Atlanta reportedly killing at least five people in Mississippi a tornado left at least six people dead Alexander what's with Mississippi public broadcasting has more Mississippi is under a state of emergency after storms caused widespread damage on Sunday the state emergency management agency director says officials are still assessing the damage the National Weather Service has posted tornado watches from northern Florida through the Carolinas Canada is asking Iran to delay downloading data from the flight recorders of Ukrainian airliner shot down near Tehran in early January is Dan carpenter.

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