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Draft last night. Guests are Jay baron is now officially a New York knick. You got your NHL draft later on tonight. We're Jack us and cap Okaka will be going one two sear, you hear all these comparisons with RJ Barrett James harden, the way that it gets to the basket is Jalen, rose the way that he plays. I me I have no idea. And I don't know why people do that, because it's just so silly to put the pressure on these, like they compared like four guys to Leonard last night, because Leonard was the NBA finals MVP. And why not just hype the hell out of everybody. So when I hear these comparisons with RJ Barrett, I don't think about anything. I just think about the time. This is one of those rare picks for the Knicks. I know a lot about him 'cause how much Duke did we watch last year? The college basketball season it with Frank Neale Akina over in France, with Chris tops porzingas over in Lithuania. We saw a little bit of Kevin Knox Kentucky, but it's not like he was the driving force of that teaming RJ Barrett wins, I was out was at Vigo carry the team and dukes on TV every day. So I don't need a comparison with RJ barrel. Frank, Neale Akina, and Christopher. Maybe I did because I never saw him play didn't know anything about them, but with RJ Barrett, I haven't opinion on them, and I really really like them and yes, he needs to work on his jump shot in. Yes. Needs to work on his free throw shooting. But this guy is going to score in a beast for the new. Well, he sounds like he'll, he'll be more than working on it, you know and the way his dad sounded yesterday. They sound like they're really focused. And so just to kind of give you a little comparison of, what a new team could give Kevin Durant, if the ops out of his car. Okay. So what a new team could give Kevin Durant. If. The ops out of his contract by June. Twenty ninth is a four year deal for a total of one hundred and sixty four million dollars. All right. So the nets or the next could do that, if they convince them in the hospital, he's probably out now but they could give me, maybe he's out in the Hamptons. I don't know. But they could convince him one hundred sixty four million dollars over four years. Now, the other scenario is that he could opt in yet. His thirty one point five million this year rehab under the warriors banner and the next year, they go right back down and probably a little bit more than one hundred sixty four million next year. Okay. Or one of two things could happen. He could opt out and the warriors could give him a max contract of five years to one hundred twenty one million dollars five to twenty one that's, that's this year. Wow. Now he can take thirty one point five million, and wait till next year. And then. Get the five year supermax contract of two hundred twenty one million dollars cannot trade. That would be, so he would get this year's money, and then the five year contract after that isn't that a risk of major risk for the warriors to do that. To give him that. And then assume that someone's going to give up assets and take on that contract. And then you might be stuck with it. Yourselves away. It's being played as the warriors feel so bad God. And what happened to him stopping like you needs to get his money. I mean got enough money yet. I mean, no, he's the one that bet on himself, he's the one that went out to, to Golden State, and he's the one that wanna go back out of that court and play he had. Yeah. In independent doctor in his manager and Kevin himself agreed that he was ready to play. Right. So the warriors shouldn't feel guilty about that. This is how it's being played by Windhorst. It's a discussion point and all that other stuff. But I think any team that accepts a contract of two hundred and twenty one million dollars other than the State Warriors eighty it's Jerry is here with an update. Good morning Jerry morning brought to you by the raycatena auto group experience the luxury of space, Alexis Rx three fifty ill with third row seating now. Available at Ray Cotin Alexis, you know by now Zion Williamson, one, of course, to the pelicans, the grizzlies taking John Morand the Knicks, and RJ Barrett, hawk straight up to four take the Andre hunter and the Cavaliers choosing. Darius garland, the nets trading their first round pick to the clippers for a first round pick next year. They did take seven foot center, Nick lex of Georgia. And in the second round the Knicks picking is e bras dick is forward out of Michigan, a freshman at Michigan to here's some of the sound after Steve mills. Why are j Barrett? Being the number three gave to we felt. The most upset is a basketball player. That's what they got hoping for more of the same from Barrett's become the young man is one everywhere. He's been since he was thirteen years old in here's some of the stuff you were talking about J with Barrett. Just excited to play for New York. I'm so overwhelmed homeboys and just honored very thankful that the Knicks took the chance of me that they believe in me, and I'm so happy to be naked. I can't wait to play mass square and perhaps the best couple of seconds is when they say, all right. No more questions for RJ. He's done with the press conference. He kind of looks to the side and the microphones catch. You'll nick. That's kind of cool. He's not ruin them now really wants to do not need to ruin him. That's all now in terms of the pelicans Zion Williamson, here's David Griffin, who is pretty clear. Let's relax with Zion for a moment. This is not somebody who's supposed to be the savior of this franchise. That's not what this is. This is a nineteen year old kid who's going to spend this year learning how to play winning NBA basketball. He double down. Go play Duke. He's supposed to be the savior. Here's a savior Duke, and I was going to be the savior, New Orleans. Well, here's should have been to save your here. But now we got our J. Sounds like so let's trans. I iron now 'cause he's not I'm not trashing off. Let's go. Let's just crushing. You're you get sued hope you'll lose one hundred million dollars. Now zion? Here's Griffin on his team. This is drew holidays team. And when we made the team the trade that we made. Or working to complete rather. With a certain player who used to be here withdrew. We were very cognizant of the fact that this is drew holidays team. She's a couple times their magic. Imaginings could you imagine Bill check coming out and saying, this is Tom Brady's team? I mean, could you imagine like you know Pat Shurmur commands this Manning's team the way that he was saying that, though, it's like not saying that Anthony Davis was the guy. That's bill. Belgium say, and, you know, this is Julian Edelman team is. That he would never say it. Like why even say that? Why go down that road? I think he's trying to calm down the expectations. There's not a lot of pressure on Zion. And he goes out there and loses his mind. That's why I mean everybody in the world is saying that this guy is once in a generation, he could do everything also included. So I think the general manager wants to say, hey, so the guy's gone everywhere. He's gone. He's one two and he's been the guy. So why should it be able to assume that pressure? That's, that's the privilege of going number one overall Adrian draft. can handle sure he can speaking of privilege, the privilege to play on the Yankees because all they do is win last night? Another win on their way to winning this division by double digits. Swim.

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