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News I am Karen Tsar in Mayfield Kentucky The outbreak of tornadoes killed an additional 14 people in Illinois Missouri Tennessee and Arkansas Home prices continue to go through the roof in many parts of the country new numbers out today from the case schiller home price index shows prices rose 19% nationally from a year ago and some areas saw even bigger price jumps NPR's Chris Arnold reports In Phoenix home prices are up 32% year over year Tampa is up 28% Charlotte North Carolina is up 22 William Wheaton is a real estate economist at MIT He says if you adjust for inflation there's never been a period like the last couple of years where house prices consistently year over year There isn't as fast as they have now Whedon says one big factor is very low supply We just did not build enough homes after the Great Recession Also low interest rates and demand from people teleworking and wanting more space But whedon says in most places prices can not keep rising like this going forward And supply will eventually catch up Chris Arnold NPR news While trading on Wall Street got off to a good start this morning it was a mixed day at the closing bell the S&P 500 set a second straight high at the opening bell but finished the day 4.7 points down or one tenth NASDAQ and down ended also ended down for the day This is NPR news From W a B E News in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim berez Our time now is four O four Atlanta officials are canceling the annual New Year's Eve peach drop Again the event had been canceled in 2019 because of a location issue It was the next in 2020 and last year because of the pandemic Well the.

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