President Trump, Fort Hood, Texas discussed on WBZ Midday News


And his administration continue to oppose allegations of systemic racism in law enforced our community is scared to call the cops and that's dangerous despite nationwide protests calling for police reform the president has yet to see what if anything he would like to see done to address the issue of police brutality and even with army leaders saying they are willing to discuss renaming ten U. S. military bases named after Confederate generals including Fort Hood in Texas and Fort Bragg in North Carolina president trump says he won't even consider it stepping away from the racial debate and corona virus the president is attending his first campaign fund raiser since the beginning of the pandemic the precise location of the president's five hundred eighty thousand dollar a couple event hasn't been disclosed except that it's in a private home in Dallas is Preston hollow neighborhood the city's deepest concentration of billionaires before that the president hosts a roundtable with civic leaders at a church not far from Preston hollow the topic says the White House solutions to historic economic health and justice disparities in American communities Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas the news this hour is sponsored by Toyota Toyota's official website for deals buy a Toyota dot com we have some thunderstorms crisscrossing the state right now and we have a live weather update for you right after that there will be a day when your back stuck in traffic until then rely on WBZ newsradio for the most accurate reporting on this pandemic will also bring you every press conference from the.

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