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It's <Speech_Female> <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> it affects <Speech_Female> in disproportionately <Speech_Female> affects women <Speech_Female> so something that's near and <Speech_Female> dear to my heart ed's <Speech_Female> home they're growing <Speech_Female> rapidly so <Speech_Female> those are the types of investments <Speech_Female> that we make <Speech_Male> an <SpeakerChange> founders <Speech_Male> that we back <Speech_Male> that's awesome. <Speech_Male> That's really <Speech_Male> cool <Speech_Male> Well i really <Speech_Male> appreciate you taking <Speech_Male> time to be on the <Speech_Male> program and <Speech_Male> i really have always <Speech_Male> been inspired by <Speech_Male> not just <Speech_Male> the work that you do <Speech_Male> and the creativity <Speech_Male> that you bring <Speech_Male> to it. But <Speech_Male> you're just awesome every <Speech_Male> time that you're ever <Speech_Male> in a room where <Speech_Male> people always <Speech_Male> feel better <Speech_Male> feel brighter. <Speech_Male> You're a true <Speech_Male> peace heuer. <Speech_Male> It's pretty incredible. <Speech_Male> I've never <Speech_Male> seen you <Speech_Male> seem like your <Speech_Male> heartbeat is up <Speech_Male> whatsoever <Speech_Male> in yet like you've <Speech_Male> been constantly <Speech_Male> increasing <Speech_Male> speed while decreasing <Speech_Male> tensions since we've become <Speech_Male> friends so <Speech_Male> it's <Speech_Male> it's it's <Speech_Male> been a really remarkable <Speech_Male> thing to see <Speech_Male> and i just <SpeakerChange> i'm a big <Speech_Male> fan of yours. <Speech_Female> It's incredibly <Speech_Female> kind of journalists <Speech_Female> Day will <Speech_Female> reiterate <Speech_Female> that said <Speech_Female> this before but the community <Speech_Female> that you've built <Speech_Female> really. I attribute <Speech_Female> anything in <Speech_Female> my career. <Speech_Female> You know <Speech_Female> ten years to <SpeakerChange> the <Speech_Female> community <Speech_Female> the people that <Speech_Female> you curator amazing <Speech_Female> and the <Speech_Female> intention that <Speech_Female> you have you started summit <Speech_Female> religiously through <Speech_Female> everything you do <Speech_Female> every iteration <Speech_Female> of what you <Speech_Female> so. I'm honored <Speech_Female> to be a part of <Speech_Female> the community <SpeakerChange> and <Speech_Male> talking to you today <Speech_Male> or honestly. <Speech_Male> I think like your parents <Speech_Male> in iowa <Speech_Male> on the <Speech_Male> organic farming <Speech_Male> in mindfulness <Speech_Male> tip. I don't <Speech_Male> think summit really. <Speech_Male> Was <Speech_Male> you know author <Speech_Male> of that. Ethos <Speech_Male> i think it's more of a <Speech_Male> generational ethos <Speech_Male> of <Speech_Male> like our <Speech_Male> generations <Speech_Male> entrepreneurs wanted <Speech_Male> those <Speech_Male> priorities. Listen <Speech_Male> if it was nineteen <Speech_Male> eighty eight. <Speech_Male> I'm sure i would have been <Speech_Male> on some <Speech_Male> fox shit right <Speech_Male> you to <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> pursue a <Speech_Male> whole other <Speech_Male> lifestyle like <Speech_Male> we wouldn't have the same <Speech_Male> inputs we wouldn't <Speech_Male> have seen sort <Speech_Male> of like the <Speech_Male> excesses that <Speech_Male> bring you know happiness <Speech_Male> right like so <Speech_Male> so ultimately. I think <Speech_Male> that we got really <Speech_Male> lucky that we had <Speech_Male> great mentors early <Speech_Male> on it. <Speech_Male> And and you <Speech_Male> know i think that <Speech_Male> like you're talking about <Speech_Male> Skating <Speech_Male> to where the puck's <Speech_Male> going it sounds like <Speech_Male> you <Speech_Male> grew up <Speech_Male> at the iceberg <Speech_Male> that ended up <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> becoming <Speech_Male> the rivers right like <Speech_Male> it's. It's incredible <Speech_Male> that you've had <Speech_Male> this exposure <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> to these things that <Speech_Male> are so important to <Speech_Music_Male> so many people that we <Speech_Music_Male> care about. <Speech_Music_Male> You know for so <Speech_Music_Male> long. I really <Speech_Music_Male> do hope you. <Speech_Music_Male> You know incredible <Speech_Music_Male> success with <SpeakerChange> human. And <Speech_Female> anything else you do. <Speech_Music_Female> Thank you

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