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That's the reason why I really wanted that phone is just dependent give me a little head, you know, just a little head. But I'm hoping I'm healthy. I'm going to get back into training on Friday. Like, I said in in hoping to fight in June or possibly July. I wanna find day, it'd be awesome. The fight on international fight league is well anyone in particular come to mind, there's someone in front of me or bigger name. That's that's all I can foreign that. That's what I wanna do though. They offered me someone that was rank ahead of me. I took that fight. Unfortunately, he got injured. And then Michael Johnson was thrown in there. And then that motivated even more I think it was a better fight is because of how good Michael Johnson and how big of. Following is or has and. Yeah. So that motivated hell on the motivate me even more just because I I knew I had to work. I had to work my ass off like go in there, and and eat him and his show the fans in his everyone that I belong who is another name. I was Mersin death it. Okay. And I think Johnson die but injury or something I think it worked out even better. You know? I always I feel everything happens for a reason in manigault as planned, and I got the Johnson fight in than I have that spectacular. Knockout even going back to the Stevens by as bad as the injuries that I had, you know, with the time off I really let my body just ill. This is the best. I felt as I got into UCI been finding injured my entire crew in. The UFP except my first light against onto other mad been messed up not being able to train the way the way that like wrestling do just do everything I have not done that. I got into the UFC until this. Well, congratulations by men, what a performance what a win what a knockout. Holy smokes, very happy for you. Well, done on coming back in overcoming all that and continued success, and hopefully you get to make up for lost time and a bunch of times this year and raking all the dough. Thanks for doing this show. Appreciate it. I go. Thanks aerial. No problem there. He is. Josh Emmett big win for him on Saturday. He improves now to fourteen and two if you have not seen that knockout check it out. It was as precise can be like a sniper. Unbelievable. Right. So Friday, some big news. I talked about it at the top Jorges. Mas all Ben aspirin. Is it happening? Is it not is it happening in Chicago's that happening in Las Vegas is it happening. At all. Let's get some answers here from funky Ben aspirin who is a regular guest on the program these days. It's so nice. How are you Ben doing? Well. How are you doing this morning aerial? I'm doing really well. It's nice. It's like our by weekly or by check in with each other. This is very nice. So here we are on a Monday afternoon. What's going on? What's happening? Are you fighting MAs dollar not? Well, I think I am. I don't know what he is. I was listening to Josh Mottaki. And I don't know what this is talking about about not being able to get a job. And this is something I have an issue with all MMA fighters. Listen, and then as a terrible professional shoes. I don't really know. Why chose it? I got like three jobs outside of may come on geigo job. Okay. What are they? Well, I'm a podcast for rudeness one. Okay. Oh and three wrestling kademi wrestling calves that would be number two I travel around into wrestling camps. That's well, that's three I worked for the badge. RTC that's four. What's the fourth one? The what badger regional training center. I'm the head coach for senior level athletes at the university of Madison Wisconsin medicine. Okay. All right. So you're Josh go out there and get a job. Basically, I'm telling all enemy fighters wisened..

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