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Long lanky greg russo. Fister profile reminds me a lot of jason pierre paul when they took him and then jalen waddell going to the los angeles chargers man. He's talking about building strength on strength. Another playmaker inside. Mike williams and keenan allen with justin herbert lookout. Our defend and i met you. I mentioned the blurb went on. Nfl dot com. They would mean they'd have to be aggressive in free agency addressing the offensive line. They have to get that accomplished this offseason. but man. if you'll get a couple starters in free agency and then now you could dedicate a second third round. Pick to the offensive line. I think they'd be okay but just adding speed some big time speed and a player like waddell man. i be a fun offense to watch their. Let's keep it going here. Let's go sixteen to twenty elijah vera. Tucker guard going to arizona. At usc he pay from michigan. Goes seventeen to the. Las vegas raiders. Eighteen the miami dolphins with their second first round pick they'd go with najji harris running back out of alabama nineteen the washington football team christian dera saw tackle from virginia tech and then twenty. The bears go cadaverous tony a wide receiver out of florida. The things that to me is the first run about coming up to board nausea harris. Going to the miami dolphins natural player unit talk. You talked about the matt. Forte comparison and i believe. That's a very apt. Comparison is ability. Not only to make things happen with. The boss has run up but to catch the ball and run row south backfield for young quarterback to lower. You need to have someone who can alleviate some of the pressure. I believe. Nigeria certainly is capable it. Let's keep moving here. That would change the offense. They're absolutely had those two guys Twenty one through twenty five. Greg newsom new name here corner from northwestern. He goes to the indianapolis colts in. Are they just got carson wentz. They did not have to give up a first round. Pick this year. So they can supplement the roster. So i've got them going. Greg newsom tennessee jalen phillips edge. Rusher from miami. The second edge rusher miami go in the first round the jets ronnie perkins a new name. I gotta give nine to build a love here. Because i was going through watching these guys and he said hey. Have you watched Ronnie perkins yet. I haven't seen him. We'll see we got so. I popped him on darn darn good football player. So i've got him go into the jets. Twenty four pittsburgh. John mayfield tackle at michigan as they try to rebuild that offensive line in pittsburgh and then twenty-five jeremiah will sukor moa really kind of a linebacker big nickel kind of do everything. Athlete at notre dame he goes to urban meyer and the jags looming a lot of interesting names. Got some new names I think one to focus on his greg. Newsom the corner from a northwestern Haven't seen his name talked about or hurt. His name talked about a lot..

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