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To think was ever there for. And what's going on with the fraser valley bandits. Ben lipka was reporting yesterday that There's a chance fraser. Valley bandits might be pushed leases up of course now part of the deal with that have presenters that they take over operations of the arenas correct What are the chances they get the sweetheart deal. They like the from the city of from the vancouver canucks. There's some speculation that they might move and possibly to the langley event center so qualifies the fraser valley. Yup i think it's still a venue. The works for the ban. You for them. Yeah we've been events center many. It's office for almost be too big of any. I guess i think events center because basketball you wanna be closer. It's gotta be is intimate as possible android. Missed talking about this earlier. In the week joey votto hidden his two thousand. We did so. Tell me i'm wrong. Guys joy vodka is going to be the third canadian in the baseball hall. Fam- we have had this as a hot take before. But i think it was at least a couple of years ago so now the magic numbers of course three thousand if you get to three thousand hits you're in now joey. Votto would need five more fantastic seasons to get there. So i'm not sure joe he's gonna get to three thousand thirty men soon. Okay so let's say joe is going gonna finish somewhere around twenty three hundred hits that about fair. I know how old is he. I think he can wait to solid more years. Thirty eight to one. The one thing about votto is you're talking about one of the great precision hitters of all time. He has to pop-ups to first base in his career. He has very few infield pop ups period. It's a fantastic batting. I there was a time where people criticized him for being too patient and not taking big enough cuts. That has changed some this year. In fact he's kind of making a late run at l. Mvp and he's got one of those already and he's been top five vote or top yes one of the great contact hitters of all time. He does have power. The thing about joe. He's been a career cincinnati reds red. And he loves that.

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