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Agenda This afternoon. We'll land at Miami International just after 12 and go to Southern Command for a briefing about the global war on drugs. Next up the presidential motorcade moves onto Iglesia Daryl Jesus Worship Center for a round table discussion about the situation in Venezuela. Barry Universities, Sean Foreman says. The timing of this trip is interesting, given what former national security adviser John Bolton said in his recent book That said that Trump was possibly willing to meet with the Venezuelan president Maduro. And that he called one Guido a kid and really wasn't taking. Why does seriously in private as we heard in public now, the president has said he was only considering a meeting with Maduro to talk about his exit from power. After this afternoon's forum, the president will drive back to Miami International for a 3 30 flight quickly up to fourth Lauderdale after that, a fundraiser in a private home in Hillsboro Beach. Air Force One will leave South Florida just after seven o'clock tonight and the president addressing concerns about the recent spike in Corona virus cases. Fox's John Decker has the latest from Washington. The president tweeting Virtual learning has proven to be terrible compared to in school or on campus. Learning. Not even close. Schools must be open in the fall and on Fox's Hannity last night, giving his take on the increase in covert cases nationwide. What we're doing is with all of these tests that we're doing all over the Country test. Everybody test pull up parking lots, everything else. What we've done is we've created tremendous number of cases. Health officials from the CDC and the NIH. H have confirmed that the percentage of people testing positive nationwide, a key measure of the true spread of the virus, has also spiked in Washington. John Decker Fox News, The 911 center in Broward County, is operational again. Just the regional communications Central Dispatch had to close last night for about About an hour so that it could be decontaminated. One of the employees tested positive for covert 19 there. 911 Calls were handled by the counties North and South dispatch centers during last night's shut down two months ago, communications operator Nicky Mode Thompson died after contracting the virus. The Senate's top Republicans says the virus could scrap plans to hold the RNC in Jacksonville next month. Foxes Rachel Sutherland has that story. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell won't say whether he's planning to be in Jack. Danville If the convention goes on, and he told reporters in Louisville, Kentucky, he's not sure it's safe to hold the event. A wait and see how thanks look in late.

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