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I just wanna be on the subway nothing. Somebody's gonna cave my head. And for no reason, that's all I want. I mean, that's why you should come traded. Until my match school until then cable to Jimmy's, I know, but I'm afraid I'll take the subway. I'm afraid though, I walk in there. They'll target me. And pummel me. No, man. What school? I buying a bunch of hippies. Come in. Every other women get on a bag you just hitting the bag kit. Man, nothing crazy fighting screws. This man, if you have a fighting school, you're not gonna be successful. And that knows that to you got to come in and just want to get in shape and learn something and get them where they wanna be shaped live and in the able to themselves, and you have a successful school. And ain't about fighting that if I had a fight school. It'd be out of business ready. Right. Right. Right. That's just getting shape and learning. So that's all that's all I need to go. It's nice Hanjour mortified school. No, no, y'all. You fight. Is that listen this fight isn't I have I've ago fight team or self Longo. But in my school in any given day, this people that does not anybody's gonna fight in the cage. Yeah. A lot of times guys. You know, what the fight is the fight is basically fighting for your life. Take care yourself. That's the fight. Yeah. Both healthwise and just you know, it case of any kind of circumstances. Trunk in Vegas with me. I didn't know what to do. And I kick my as my wife and kids that would be embarrassing Jimmy. Absolutely. You know, but you and Ryan hall both had those in both handled. It very well. See I would rather. I would rather handle it like in Ghana and stand up punch the guy through a window. That's how I'd like to handle a situation like recommend you through that to chance. What do you think of in gone Velazquez the main event? I'm excited fucking came back. Yes. I haven't given fire forever. I'm just super excited watching. So I I don't honestly, I don't think I don't know France France is gonna have that gas. You know what I mean? I mean if he catches you once you get past the first round Francis. I think you're gonna be okay. It's a firefight. And Kane Lasca is known for his, you know, cardio. The only a setback is just Cain has been hasn't fought in a long time. Right. We have a big layoff. Besides that. I mean, they should be good by hoping for fight. I'm hoping it goes a little longer than, you know, thirty seconds or something like that or minute. But you never know. We'll look man we love watching you fight and good luck in this fight. I mean, we'd like you so much, and we like algebra so much. It's always we're in two guys you like so much are fighting. But either way I'm sure it's gonna be a great fight and whichever one us guys win. I'm sure we'll be maybe like you said one fight away from a title, so good luck ban. I hope you have a good fight. And appreciate it. And thank you. You always talking to you. Take care have a guy. All right, buddy. You too, Yeah. man. Man, allies, Drake guy. Why did you write that down your without them? Okay. There's just a fourth Hit have. have kid. And why the clock Sealy that much time because it's time..

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