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Let's sneak all right. Guess let's hear me. That's good Monday, February 1. But to 1 21, that's a good 1 to 1 21. What does that mean? Murphy's or something in there for us? There's a lot of it was a lot of nine or Deon Sanders in there, right, 21 21 just can't. Yeah. Is that your girlfriend out there? She's making out with somebody wasn't quite my girlfriend. We were I was still I was still didn't have the stones to pull the trigger were just sharing a locker and hanging out alone. I hate to ask this question. But these were just kind of cultural and regional differences because I don't even know what that means that we didn't have that. What is sharing a locker? Me? Neither did we. She just told me she said, Hey, man in your locker and come share what care share one with me all that I had my own. We all got assigned lockers. OK? She said this girl Sounds like trouble right here. Just sounds like a whole manipulation. She was like, Oh, my God. E was totally but you're right. I look back on it now, Paulie. She was like, Yeah, he was trouble. She's the kind of lady that Ronnie James deals write songs about. You know what I mean? He's like, you know, Devil woman. I see the And all that stuff. You know what I mean? It actually got worse as the year went on, but anyway, go ahead. What do you got? I told you Do you gotta stay away from the truth? I was gonna have this. This other detail. Is this mercy show up to school on Monday after this party? Is that now more practical stuff out of his locker, But I gave her the silent treatment for like, three days before she finally was like, What's the matter? Murphy? She didn't know that I knew. What's the matter? Want to go as Matthew? He'll tell you immersed showed up to go get like he's I don't know his bio book or something. Yeah, she changed the passcode off doing my stuff in your locker. Not my problem. We don't supremely hurtful time in my life, By the way. What if the guy who walked him in the Panama hat looked just like Matt Stafford, too? What do you want? Yeah. Just I just got back from Kabul. I'm not from around Stafford face. You know that moon face only always stubble. Got a little slighted You Stafford in Kaler, Shushan and Taylor. Bad man. First down, man. Hey, man Capo School, We played their only 30. The power hour starts actually watching. Ian Rappaport normally joins us Monday mornings and 6 55 is traveling division. He's gonna join us Wednesday at 6 55. That's okay because he'll get us going for the soup. Double so but we'll start today. 7 30 with total weekend recall in the power our homes and bums. Paulie should be some good stuff, too. Yeah, it was this packed weekend. I know 8 35 Kevin Harlan joins the show will be calling the bull on the radio this week is the greatest calling the game. Love it. 8 55 our daily dose of dubs. Oh, yeah. Good does for some Celtics ball tomorrow. Bring him in fine. I'm not afraid of the selfish It was actually quite juicy last night. A couple of really interesting stuff. I'm sure sash will be talking. Jason Tatum. Oh, that's her. Yeah. You got a little bit? I'm always like, you know, she knows a little a little too much about you. Don't you get a letter? You know, you gotta let her have her. Have her, You know, let her share a locker. She got a letter number three. You got a little keep things fresh. She starts thinking that Yeah. 15, The San Francisco Chronicle's Eric brands gonna talk tonight or football. Where did the Niners go from here..

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