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A new pitcher in the game for the fisher catches we begin the bottom of the denning lefthander jose fernandez comes on in relief of starter sean reid foley john goes four innings at the season low but only gives up one run on three hits you manage to work around his season high five walk and he struck out seven so while it was not his finest outing of the season by any means john reid polling with eight gutty performance able to strand the run on bass multiple times and his day is over as john schneider goes to the bullpen for this sheehan phinney call to the pen has always every pitcher cats pitchy change brought to you by she and the business law firm juan soto the first batter against jose fernandez and the pitchers outside goal one and if you know by now gene business law firm with the fisher cats need legal counsel tweet us she infinity next bit from pernando low and outside you balls and no strikes about dominican republic native enters the game for the twelfth time this year all in really these two a three point zero zero era hilo pitch swung on popped up foul ground on the first base side but one kelly can do nothing but watch it fly to the seats for strike so far this afternoon one soto oprah one with a log that pre pass came in and then he grounded out to second base with the bases loaded and two outs in the second and that left him loaded and preserved new hampshire's two one advantage the two one pitch here in the fifth is on.

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