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Usually think of the bay area's earthquake country, but it was the central valley that woke up to a shaker this morning. Eight thirty at K G O. Good morning. I'm Brett burkhart. It was a mandatory four point -o earthquake that rattled the rural west side of the San Joaquin valley just past five this morning. The US Geological Survey says it happened about five seven was centered. Six miles northwest of the pasta growing community of an all speaking of shaking things up in the central valley. Democrat TJ Cox has edged ahead of Republican David valid in the US house race in California's farm belt revotes continue to be counted clocks has trails since election night. But pull ahead by four hundred thirty eight votes on Monday, the district cuts through four central valley counties. The Associated Press had declared the winner, but votes that have been counted. Since November six narrowed the race in the AP retracted its call on Monday. A new modified morning is out. From the federal officials about tainted Romain lettuce as we hear from cagey Terry rows last week health officials warned against eating any Romain lettuce. No matter where it was grown after an outbreak of E coli in which forty people in twelve states became ill. The source has now been traced to growers in northern central California, how common grower supplier distributor brand has been identified. Let us heading to the market will now be labeled to give consumers information about where. And when it was harvested, but federal officials do say if you can't determine where the lettuce has come from. It's still best not to buy it. Or simply throw it out to headlines for Facebook today in both have bad optics. Jason Middleton has that quick market. Check. The markets are recovering somewhat from earlier, narrowing the losses so far today. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was invited to speak with a British house of Commons investigation today. Into fake news. Other nations are represented in the hearing as well Zuckerberg refused. The invitation sending another executive in his stead that is not playing out. Well, even with the surrogate exotic who told the panel. I am not going to disagree with you that we have damaged public trust in some of the actions that we've taken meanwhile, back at the ranch the brain drain continues at Facebook, what's apps chief business officer is the latest exac at the company to exit after its acquisition by Facebook Neeraj Aurora posted on the social network that he is taking time to wait for it. Spend time with the family the seven year veteran was once thought to be taking.

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