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What happened until you i don't think her cousins gonna get more than thirty million dollars a year i don't while he gets 30s highestpaid player in history the nfl saying but i don't think he is now he's gonna get thirty i don't think he he'll absolutely what i'm saying i see what's no question youth great about this it all comes out in the wash and we will see who's ragged here's why you have six or seven quarterback starve teams that have an opportunity to get a good quarterback without giving anything up money gap but quarterback draft is extremely deep there's a lot of free agents out there besides him what makes him so different from any other quarterback now don't get me wrong i think he is that the top of the quarterback class i'm not disregard disrespect again at all but i'm saying what makes people get the ear pay exorbitant amounts of money is when there are no options and in this case there are options kirk cousins is going to go to a team and make them great right away i just don't think he is i think he can make teams very very good he can he can put a jacksonville jaguars team over the edge but it won't be because him it'll be because the jacksonville jaguars rory really good and are the jacksonville jaguars going to sacrifice sacrifice or other other teams kinda like that we're ready may teams that all they need is a quarterback to put him over the top are any of those teams girl risk what they have in their nucleus to pudding kirk cousins and change the balance of where the money goes i just don't think that's true kirk cousins over the last three years has done enough starting forty eight games in a row where he has averaged forty three hundred yards this season twenty seven touchdowns twelve interceptions and a completion percentage hovering and 66 percent range that's great but they had that's going to get him paid that it's gonna get a paid iit's gonna get paid i don't think so again pay garoppolo money but that's forty one more starch than garoppolo there's more beheira there's a bigger track record of kirk cousins and what he is capable of doing then jimmy garoppolo okay so then you could say he has a.

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