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California, Santa Monica, San Francisco discussed on Sean Hannity


And highway signs to tell people to stay off the streets dozens of cities up and down California have extended curfews tonight including Los Angeles Santa Monica and San Francisco a former democratic presidential candidate is joining demonstrations in the nation's capital senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband connected with protesters outside the White House tonight the protests have been taking place since last week in response to the death of an unarmed black man in police custody the mother of George Floyd's daughter is making her first public comments since Floyd's death rocky Washington spoke about the families of the officers involved and her daughter they get to go home and be with a family you know it does not have a ball the First Lady wants to see peace as demonstrations extend into another night across America melania trump called on protesters to obey government imposed curfews I'm Brian shook major league clubs may be on the field less than originally thought once MLB gets its season going according to reports the league intends to propose a shorter season of around fifty games but with full pro rated pay for the players the Players Association had previously proposed a one hundred fourteen game season if spring training is to resume in mid June followed by opening day around the start of July a deal would have to be reached by next week the NBA is finalizing details of its restart plan before Thursday's vote by the board of governors a.

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