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Weird so maps and one of the things you can do is put a some other maps on there and see. If those work because one of the things that could have gone wrong is maybe your GPS is disabled, or location service but but I would I find a new, service but wait but but I got to understand. What you're seeing so you launch Google maps on. Your. Android device okay my Android has everything, on the screen and it's supposed to be where you touch it and it goes. Straight to it so when I touched the Google map should, map at all it has his northwest and some kind of longitude and latitude down. In the bottom and then, on the top it's just as you're blue in, in your head no. Map at all Right not even like street. Or anything correct okay So a couple of things we can talk about, one is I'm not sure exactly what's going on but. Let's let's talk about the controls in Google maps there. Is a layers. Control in the right hand corner it looks like do you, see. A search here box or anything. Like. That Do you see explore. Driving you just. See I wonder if it's if it's broken at this point It wasn't supposed to be. You don't know but, we, can just a computer it can, break at the drop of a. Hat so supposed to be no, but it certainly could be so but I'm, just trying to see so. You see a blue dot. That's your location when I first come on, I do my security thing then it says select wifi so. I have a whole bunch of service so they. Wanna go on to where it. Shows, my. Whole, I times it has the Google map? Same signal. So. Then. When. I topped out okay Google now. What kind of phone are? You using e.. Android Android fun okay and it has GPS in it Yes okay so. That's the first thing you do is is, go into your settings make sure location is turned on because. Without location a map isn't going to work in. GPS you want WI fi if. Possible, but. You, don't have to have wifi for location? You do. Need. GPS. For. Sure so on an Android device I go in to get my, GPS for certain I'm wondering a couple of. Things you've got gotta have GPS. You've got to have data it would be nice. To have data via WI fi. But you don't have to Do you so let. Me go wifi data and location and that's all turned, on okay so that's good One way to see if there's something going on. With those services is to download another mapping app take a look at, this from Google is called ways WBZ people use it for routing because it it's aware of. Traffic. Conditions but it would just be a, way to prove that you're GPS is working w.. C. WBZ okay. And. Download that from the Google. Store the play store. And and see if that works if that works. Good that means you're GPS working your data is working you've got everything you need, for working maps app and then I would say, it probably means that the maps, app itself. Is bad which means it's an easy thing, to fix you uninstall it. And. You reinstall it Uninstall it so couple of ways to do it the easiest ways to drag it. To the top of the screen so you're looking at. Your screen and now I don't know if your particular phone has a, modified version of Android or not but on most versions of Andhra if you drag it's at. The. Top of the screen you'll see a, trash can in the words uninstall and you just. Put it over there, till it turns red and. Let go and that. Will uninstall it if that doesn't work you can. Go into settings and there's there's an apps section settings that you can look at, all the apps you have and then delete the, ones that you no longer want So step one. Would be dragged the, I kind of the top of the screen if you see a word uninstalled drag it on top of that it will install it if that does not work co two settings And that you do you know how to. Get to settings I think because you, said you were go into settings there's, an apps section in the settings that lists all your apps and, then you can go. There, and uninstall it from that directly as well so you just click on the app, they'll be, an uninstall. Button and uninstall and then reinstalling will probably if there's something gone wrong with it we'll probably fix it now somebody in the chat room has found a link, to guiding tech dot com says fixed, blank Google maps so maybe. This is not let me, let me go look at that, link because. Maybe maybe what's happening to you is not unusual because, some other people said. There's they put it. Blue dot issue but it didn't help me it does say. A week internet connection in an unknown. Place so problem so how do I get a better connection or well that's another. Matter entirely you need two things, you need a location capabilities which, could be just the fi but generally most Android phones, have GP Built in need. That turned on and then, to get a map if you, just have. A blue dot no map that's because it can't download, the map it does. Say by the way. You said at the bottom you see longitude and latitude is. That oh so you do have location Data, issue it's a data issue all right so, now that, means you're not getting the, data, which is the map information You who's your carrier Do you have? A cell phone company Yes. I do I'm with that's all right That they they? Should be providing you with data do do? Do. You. Have, a plan..

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