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The Texas House overwhelmingly passed legislation banning police choke holds all the omnibus George Floyd Act. Police Reform Bill never made it out of committee. Several of its provisions appear. Close to making it to Governor Abbott. The House passed legislation to limit the police use of chokeholds state. Rep. James White, sponsored it unless the restraint is necessary to prevent the serious bodily injury to or the death of the officer or another person. An amendment was added to the bill requiring officers to intervene when another officer is violating a citizen's constitutional rights. Texas Senate will still need to approve that amendment. Chris Fox News radio 1200 wook. Meantime, a sister of George Floyd says President Biden broke a promise to enact police reform legislation he had said yesterday. It's a deadline marking the one year anniversary of Floyd's murder in Minneapolis. The president met with several family members of the White House and said afterward he was optimistic lawmakers would reach an agreement after Memorial Day. A cop who held Floyd down will be sentenced next month. San Antonio police say a team was shot several times in a group of people drove up and opened fire with rifles at home on Hardisty near less hairs and drive on the far northwest side last night, more than 40 rounds were recovered at the scene. Six people were inside at the home of the time ranging in age from a toddler to someone in their thirties. A teenage boy was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. A man lost his life this morning after being struck in the 9400 block apparent vital road by a driver that did not stop. Police say there are no witnesses to the Northeast side hit and run, and they're combing through surveillance video for clues that lead to the suspect. The victim is described as a homeless man in his sixties. Was walking on the sidewalk when he was struck and killed. Former President Trump says. We'll just have to keep fighting as a new grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict him. He calls it a continuation of the greatest witch hunt and American history. New York prosecutors will present evidence in a criminal investigation into Trump and his company looking at potential tax and bank related fraud. Washington Post is the grand jury will sit three days a week for six months, and there's growing push to investigate the origins of Corona virus. That's because new information continues to emerge about a possible covert leak from a Wuhan lab that launched a global pandemic. Baylor infectious disease expert Dr Peter Hotez. Says. We need an international investigation and we need to allow months for the research. There's a method to do it. There's a way to get to the bottom of it, but it requires transparency from the Chinese government. House Republicans are demanding a full and complete investigation of China's alleged role in the origins of Cove ID. I'm Beth Myers News radio 1200 W. O Ai and some Republicans are accusing Dr Anthony Fauci of constantly flip flopping on covert related issues like the origin of the virus and mask wearing On Tuesday, House Red Warren Davidson of Ohio proposed the fired act whose acronym stands for Fauci, and Confidence requires early dismissal. W Away I news time, a 37 traffic and weather together in a minute. But first to check of your money on the.

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