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Just under $4 a gallon. Daria All binary ABC News Your next news update Saves money by siphoning gas out of Toni Kroos car. It comes at eight. That explains him. Will Clark news radio 8 40 w H A s. That's fake news right there for more. Clark, who thinks that's funny somehow, you know you think it's fake chicken? Ask a judge. Oh, no, I'm getting pretty good mileage. Uh so I'll just go ahead and bring since you're the doctor Evil of the show. I'm the doctor Evil, a new study published in the journal Cognitive Processing. They're on your side says your reaction to dark humor could indicate your intelligence proceed. Oh, you like this one, huh? I'm intrigued. Well, you probably should. Because this is almost making you a genius. Do the paper. You didn't period in the paper. Well, that was vindictive. A team of psychologists include That people who appreciate dark humor defined issuer that treats sinister subjects like death disease, deformity, handicapper warfare with bitter amusement and presents Such tragic, distressing or morbid topics in humorous terms may have Higher IQ's show lower aggression well, that would take you out of the equation and resist negative feelings from more of more effectively than people who turn up their noses at it. So The question begs. Since I know you and your kind of like you laugh at mortgage humor. Are you more sensitive than any of us? Get the vibe that you are? Willie. I don't know that I'm Sensitive or not, I don't know about sits right now. That's per se, Will. I I I suggest has a front. He really is a very loving person. Regularly to is wife and kids, obviously well, Yeah, if you're in the inner circle, otherwise, you know. Yeah, well, I have no issues handing out face taste is what happened here, Willie. Is that the dark humor jokes of for people who laugh at such things showed higher IQ's and reported less aggressive tendencies. As I was mentioning, Uh, according to the researchers, processing dark humor jokes takes a bit more mental gymnastics. Then processing a Knick. Knock or not knock down a knickknack a doctor. What is a knock? Knock joke? Well, of course, it takes a little bit more weight. That's six. So, like, say, I see someone fall down the stairs and I laugh. Is that fall in the same category? I don't know if to make sure genius certain. No, don't careful. Well, it's I mean, I spent that's what I'm saying. I watch those videos on YouTube a lot. I mean, they make me well, you do do that. You watch those probably. Well, I don't know. Maybe us got both. Sometimes I watch those videos were the Russian Drivers are Goering things with their cars. Yeah, they do that a lot. Yeah. I mean, I find that pretty entertaining comes Russians have it Seems like they have more people that video accidents than anybody on the plan for that. We're grateful the.

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