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To it's easy for us to sit here without knowing where alan robinson is after having an acl injury or putting the tape on him prior to that but boy you saw zach levin hurt his acl last year in february he came back in less than a year don king i mean this is going to be a full year for alan robinson when the season starts like i usually isn't at about evita a ninety percent of the time guys comeback as good now for may sales tell you that you're probably not peak re return of foreign foreignflag eighteen months puts you could definitely be of a difference maker probably within a year i i'd be more interested in and that i would be drivers right and robinson skillset is closer to that of alrai layer like julio jones now he only had one the year couple years ago but it was a monster season where he actually threatened the field i mean jarvis landry last year at one hundred twelve catches and didn't break a thousand yard it's hard to me like i said he's he's a total slot guy they're getting the ball to him quick and he's not a burner he's not going to create a ton of separation and he's not going to threaten the safety of waddell you said to me i wanna know what the free agents are for 2019 in a year from now now remember in the nfl ladder these big names and there are some big wide receiver free agents in a year from now that you may be able to change your franchise with but they could be franchise to or they could sign extensions right odell beckham mike evans there's no way odell beckham junior gets out of new york re will isn't there a chance because of.

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