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Kelocom new center i marked rousseau conservative state senator kneeled tapioca comes out swinging as he announces his run for congress he uses president trump to help blast republican opponents shanto cribs and dusty johnson in a campaign video was anymore as however officials to wash his the definition of insanity pushed we're led by people that don't have a clue jappie owen clips of trump tag team criticisms as pictures of johnson crabs appear in the video all three major candidates for south dakota governor raise lots of money last year republicans jacqueline gnome botha raised over nine hundred thousand dollars and democrat billy sutton pulled in well over eight hundred thousand if the pay raise plan for state lawmakers goes all the way house speaker mark mickelson estimates will cost about five hundred thousand dollars he implies there'll be plenty of money to cover the cost because he says between thirty and forty million dollars of new money is programmed every year in the state budget presuming about two percent in revenue growth a 75yearolds sioux falls man who had a daycare business in his home for 25 years has been accused of sex abuse involving a third separate child officers and plumbing says this latest against david hersh is alleged abuse against a fouryearold the trump administration may soon release details of its infrastructure upgrade planned south dakota senator mike round says it appears the price tag is going up from one trillion dollars to one point seven trillion and on top of it he says the federal government is planning on covering about twenty percent of the bill and in the rest of that money would come from other course tom.

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