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Funny, funny back. Never. Thank God is a good they used to play on KNBR. The wire was shot in Baltimore. There's no country boys on the wire. No, no, There's no fiddles and green. I didn't see any fiddles like I got cakes on the griddle. But I didn't see any griddles either. To be honest and funny, Rito. Anyway, Um Trey Mancini and I know when the story came out, it's kind of like you paid attention to it briefly, and then you moved on, but to see him in the home run Derby, a year after colon cancer stage, three colon cancer and six months of chemotherapy. And for him to be in the box. In the finals against Peter Alonso was truly and that's awesome. Awesome, awesome story. So that was that was cool and no doubt I was rooting for him. He just couldn't beat. Mighty Peter Alonso. The the was his team that he played for for the born born brain braves. Yeah. What's your cape History, Polly? Well, only a couple of nothing I can really get into on the issue. Curry College guy. Yeah, Yeah, A couple of you know, a couple of Ms Grande. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Really A couple of get together down there. They're extremely blurry. In what towns? I don't even remember. I don't even remember somebody's house was this somehow seems enough. Oh, boy went up on the cape by accident. You off the air, Okay. All right. All right. You got a couple of those this week. Now There's a whole thing. It was a whole stare in 1990 Watch out. All right. Here we go into it All Star game Tuesday look very much forward to it. Get the guest list. On the other side. It's Tuesday, July 13 on KNBR, one of 45 and 6 80, the sports leader. Moving that podcasts are available now on Spotify by searching KNBR sports leader Traffic.

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