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World we live in. I'm a victim damage. About Purdue there on the court team here. Now look Perdue to me it looks a little bit. Like, my tendency vol's to where I could see them making a final four run. I can also see him losing that to fifteen matchup in the first round of the tournament. I have no idea they they are really really good. When Carson and words plays and scoring his third still get thirty and scoring his third when they played Ohio State a couple of weeks ago game I did on Saturday were so good and Edwards wanted to get everybody involved wanted to defend wanting to drive wanted to get to the free throw line wanted to rebound scoring was somewhere else. They were great. They are one four for thirty one game or four for twenty four whenever he shot against Indiana there from being eliminated in a game. Like that. Why are they so bad away from Mackie though, because we always hear defense travels? They just won the league. So you never going to hear me say, I'm Ben. The only thing I would tell you is this in the big ten when you are playing for big ten title, man. It is hard to crowds are unbelievable. It's funny. I was talking to was it set Greenberg about it. Now that he's been in broadcasting. He's realized maybe the difference between the big ten is sold out event. Every night, particularly when you're in a race. Look, I don't think Purdue has the most talented team. I think they have the most together team all year long. I think they have the toughest team all year long. So you know, what you get on the road the other team with more talent plane at home. You're going to struggle or you're gonna fight you're gonna have to fight to tip it in at the buzzer. Like, they did against Indiana or sometimes you have to play a game in the nineties like they did against Penn State or you're going to get beat on a bad shooting. Like they did against Minnesota. Check him out on ten seventy the fan Monday through Friday, noon to three where are you working out on the tube? This you're gonna see so much meet tomorrow noon to like five I'm on SEC tournament. I got two games and sending Tuesday, Sean McDonough, and I do twelve o'clock. Doc to thirty two Wednesday Thursday, then I'm headed the Bristol all weekend for bracket Tallahassee then I'll next week. I'm on get up and all the other stuff. You get so tired of me, I told them. Blur the front nothing from behind. Doc. It's always we appreciate it sports. Brought to you by Royal spa.

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