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In all seriousness. Bro broaches they basically with again is <hes>. Your parents aren't making you get gotcha understood understood their are factors extremely complex that can ultimately end up determining if you are homosexual or not next thing. They're going to blame the guys again just how they say like way. Determine a who's. I don't know they say they say that. The males determine a female or the male definitely does that hasn't changed though it has never changed. Yeah what i'm saying is they're gonna. They're gonna say that we do it to next week to people drinking pumper bro. If you got more <music> shout the clyde <hes> one of the interesting things that i found out is in that same study having an older brother which then causes the mom uh-huh to have less testosterone in the womb can also determine the chance of that baby being being gay like a lot of people here environmental factors and they go oh so that means if he listed a lot of beyonce it no. It's like environmental factors actors such as how much he's hugged how much the relate like what happens when the baby is in utero like shit before that income's out and i think that's just ignorance in people we don't we we hear environmental and we think oh so. That's just means a awkward at spicy. No it literally means shit such as like. I said you know your mom breastfed your older brother but she didn't breastfeed you. That is your environment. It's basically it's just confusing. Don't get why can't be more. Let me finish or it and does it. Matter does be happy. I think none of it matters if we have a society where it doesn't fucking matter don't relax. Let's get to it j._r. Tell me some. I'm good. I'm gonna tell you something good. Kayla brennan don't do that while you're stroking glass. Rohe's miss joking that glass for twenty minutes. Oh my goodness caleb ren can't abrenica's. I don't care he's a fourteen year old about to find <unk> out. Though yes who started read ville senior high school freshman he was sitting alone at lunch lonely so <hes> he texas big sister leo edwards and he let her know damn. Nobody likes me here in fucking high school. I'm sitting here lunchroom all all by myself. You know it was going through his hair that can fall people up. They could really really good when he got no friends and he thought the reason why nobody likes him because of his stature thatcher he's very short. It could affect them. If they're not breastfed. He's will be the science guy so he was very short and he you know he the reason why people weren't like him so he sent dismisses sister. I'm gonna big proponent of social media but his sister posted this texts on twitter and a bunch of kids in his school saw this on twitter and a tim upperclassmen may mr keeler brent phil welcome and the very next day they sat with him lunch <hes> and from therefore they continue to him with lunch and now he he's just i've got a friend. Who's with him a lunch now. Is that okay. That's almost like a pity moon. We can say that but she i think she hoped his competence out. He's happy no of course yep yep. He's he's happy and you see all these upperclassmen city him. I agree enjoying lynch with him. I feel like i feel like kids. Nowadays are just way too society hi week yeah exactly because they're over there making a lot of noise..

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